The Curse Of Rock N Roll

Sharon and Nicole are high school students and best friends. It's their last summer together before college and they want to make the most of it-starting with going to Rockapalooza, the biggest rock concert ever! But at the concert, an anonymous man comes onstage and sings a terrifyingly loud, dark song. Now, Sharon and Nicole seem to be cursed with bad luck! Can they figure out how to break the curse-before it's too late?

Chapter 12

A New Start

I dropped the rifle and rose to my feet. I felt like I was a whole different person. I had gone from a meek, shy girl to a proud, confident woman. Suddenly, I heard footsteps again. I turned to face the man once again. He was smiling with pleasure. "You made a good choice, Sharon. You never needed her anyway." He told me. I nodded in agreement and then asked how to leave the building.

Instead of responding, he put his hands on my shoulders and said a chant I didn't understand. Suddenly, we were surrounded by a white flash. It was like I was buried in a pile of snow. Then, we were outside the building, which was an abandoned warehouse. The sun was almost set, and it was very dark out.

"You can now start a new leaf. A new life with a new soul. I wish you luck." The singer told me. He then walked away and disappeared into the darkness. I then started jogging down the road, looking for a way to leave town. I couldn't stay here, or people would realize what I had done.

Finally, I found it. A red van. The doors were locked, so I picked up a nearby brick and smashed a window out. The alarm went off, but I used the keys inside to stop it. I drove back into town and snuck into my house, which was still taped off for police investigation. I guess the police were trying to figure out how my mom's perfectly well-functioning ceiling fan could fall down on top of her. They would never figure out what really happened.

I gathered up my clothes, shoved them into one of my mom's suitcases, and left. I started driving down the road, not caring where I wound up. I just had to get out of that town. Get away from everything. Start over somewhere else. Anywhere else. It didn't matter.

At around 1:30, I started getting so tired that I was having trouble driving. I almost crashed into another car when I fell asleep for a second. I pulled over at a rundown gas station that had closed for the night. I parked behind the building, climbed into the backseat, and fell asleep.

Later that night, it started raining, and the thunder woke me up. I slowly sat up-and gasped in surprise. Outside my window was the singer. He was smiling, even though he was soaking wet and his hair was matted over his face. Quickly, I opened the door and he came inside.

"What are you doing here?" I asked. I was confused as to why he had come back. I had done what he wanted and he let me go. I was wondering what else he wanted.

Slowly, he took my hand and said the sweetest words I'd ever heard. "I came back because I love you. I've seen the way you've changed since we first met and I adore that change. I can't leave you now. I want to be with you forever. Will you be mine?"

I felt like Cupid had shot me right in the heart. With tears in my eyes, I hugged the singer and smiled. He hugged me back, putting his head on my shoulder.

All of a sudden, there was a sharp pain in my back. The man then pushed me back, my head hitting the window. In his hand was a bloody knife. I felt my back and realized he'd stabbed me. "Why did you do that?" I asked, feeling my wound.

"Because you've turned into Nicole. And I won't allow that." Then, the man stabbed me right in the heart. I fell onto the seat, clutching onto my chest as I bled profusely. "Consider this a new start." The man whispered to me. Then, he left the car and walked away into the storm.

In minutes, I was dead.

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