The Curse Of Rock N Roll

Sharon and Nicole are high school students and best friends. It's their last summer together before college and they want to make the most of it-starting with going to Rockapalooza, the biggest rock concert ever! But at the concert, an anonymous man comes onstage and sings a terrifyingly loud, dark song. Now, Sharon and Nicole seem to be cursed with bad luck! Can they figure out how to break the curse-before it's too late?

Chapter 1

The Last Summer

That morning, I woke up and just stared out the window. The sun was slowly creeping up into the sky, welcoming the day with bright sunlight. It was the first day of my last summer vacation. The last summer I would spend in this town. The last summer before me and my best friend, Nicole Keaton, would go off to college. We swore we would stay in touch, but I wasn't sure if our friendship could survive the distance between us.

My name is Sharon Mills. I'm 18 years old and I am set to go to Brown University in the fall. I've always been an intelligent person. But that's caused me to become introverted and I find it hard to make emotional connections with others, even my own family.

But then I met Nicole. We were so alike that we might as well have been twins. We were both academically successful, loved Indie films, and had a strong passion for rock and roll. We would spend many evenings after school listening to my extensive collection of rock CDs. We had the perfect friendship.

After I got up, I took a hot shower, got dressed, and went downstairs to breakfast. My father walked out on my mother when I was born, so she's had to raise me by herself for my entire life. She works as a bank teller and has to work late nights to keep food on the table. I barely spend much time with her, which is probably one of the reasons why I had so much trouble connecting with people.

As I sat at the table, my mom puts a plate of syrupy waffles, eggs, and slightly burned toast out in front of me, utters a quick goodbye, and rushes out the door before I can even say a word. That was probably the most she's said to me in a while. I felt a tear roll down my cheek as I took a bite out of the burned toast, ignoring the bad taste. I finished eating and headed to Nicole's house.

When I got to Nicole's house, I went upstairs to her room and she was on her computer. "Sharon, I'm so glad you came over! I just found the first thing to do for our last summer together!" Nicole buzzed excitedly. That was the only difference between me and Nicole: She was a whole lot more social and energetic than me. It was something I sort of envied about her.

Nicole practically pulled me over to her desk, where her laptop was. She had it on the website for a rock concert-Rockapalooza. I'd heard about Rockapalooza and how it was apparently the "biggest rock concert on Earth". But I had never thought about going because I'd imagined that the ticket prices would be sky high.

"I've already talked to my dad about it. He says that he'll pay for half of the tickets since I already have half of the $1,000. This weekend is going to be great!" Nicole shouted as she showed me the money in her dresser drawer. It was a mess of 5's, 10's, and 20's. Nicole had probably been saving up for Rockapalooza for months.

I sat down at the desk and scanned through the list of performers. Most of them I recognized, some I even had CDs of. But there was one performer I didn't recognize: Keith Horton. There was a picture of him on the website. He had long blonde hair, a goatee, and wore all black clothing. "He looks interesting. I wonder how he'll be at the concert." I thought at the time. I told Nicole I would go to the concert and she eagerly hugged him in the chair. "This is gonna rock!" Nicole squealed happily.

Little did I know that he would soon be the source of a whole lot of terror-for both me and Nicole.

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