My Ode Poem

I got a bit bored and decided to type my Ode Poem. Leave in the comments below-if you can-what you thought of it. Loves and Kisses, Hetalian4Life.

Chapter 1

My Princess

My Princess

Some of you may know,
Who I may be talking about,
A lot of you won't know,
'Cause I keep that to myself.

She was one,
Who slipped through my grasp,
She kept me alive and colorful,
Also quite social.

When she left,
She took some of my
Happiness, my sanity,
My social and colorful life.

She left her print,
On my mind and heart.
She found me at 3,
She left me at 6.

She always understood,
When I was happy,
Or sad.
She always seemed to know.

Her and I,
Had a call.
I would call her,
And she would come.

Now she doesn't,
She lead me to warmth and happiness.

We had a bond so strong,
We had the force strong within us.
I am now dark and cold,
'Cause she took some of my warmth.

She taught me many things,
By, talking, in a sort of way,
No one would know.
She found me, and I found her.
She taught me how,
To be kind and strong,
Also the way I should look upon others.
We had the most delicate bond,
One crack would shatter.

She was mine,
I was hers,
She was my,
Halloween Cat.

Whom I called,
'Cause she,
Was my little princess (Princes Leia, Get it, No? okay...)

So many years ago.
I-I-don't like to talk about it,
But I have now.
I have kept this secret within me,
For now over 5 years.



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