Landlady of the Black Inn, Australia (A Hetalia Fairytale)

The servant of the Black Fox Inn, Australia, has to step carefully if he wants to survive the dreaded General & the Landlady. But what is the deal with the new guy in town? The one with the curls?

Burna-Ko (Country Bumpkin) - Australia (Jack)
The Landlady - Nyo!England (Alice)
The General - Pirate!England (Arthur)
The Visitor - New Zealand (Kaelin)

Inspired by Sound Horizon, Marchen CD: The Landlady of the Black Inn

Chapter 1


Jack swung his legs, the cart he was sitting upon barely rocking under his weight. He looked up at the hungry & angry townspeople in front of him. They didn’t notice his staring, busily arguing & plotting to take their oppressor, General Kirkland, to Hell. The village was poor & starving under his heavy boot, so, why not take him down? Jack saw nothing wrong with voicing your concerns and being loud about them, as was his belief.

“We’ll strike him down!” the village patriarch shouted. “We’ll go tonight at Twilight & begin our revolt! He will fall under our boots!”
Jack sat back against the hay in the cart, quietly adding his comments: “Here he goes again… Sounds serious.”
“With our blood, sweat & tears, he will fall into Hell! We will be free of the General!”

The crowd cheered, grabbing their forms of weaponry, from pitchforks to butter knives, after all, what weapons would peasants have other than those on hand? Nothing. Jack watched as they marched towards the hill, chatting, angry & as prepared as ever for a fight. His face became sad & worried as they slowly vanished over the hill.
Jack felt a terrible shiver creep up his back & ran over to the top of the hill. Shouts, screams, crying, cannon fire, guns… it all was ringing from the other side as he came to stand upon the top of the hill, a horrible nightmare lay before him.
Men were being cut down & blown away by gun & cannon fire, like toy soldiers in the way of busy children. Jack stared in shock, feeling sick to the core, as every last farmer fell to the ground. Jack stumbled back, falling over, before running away back to town at the sight of the dreaded General Kirkland. The dreaded Generals’ boots of steel thudded on the bloodied ground as he walked up beside the dying chief, a smile so filled with sadistic pleasure & malice, it would put the Devil to shame.

“You’ve lost, you pathetic excuse for a man!” the General sneered at the man beneath him. “I could watch you die, but I’ve no time~ I’ve still to sell the rest of your followers, the ones that didn’t come!”
“N-no-o… pl-lea--”

His sentence was drowned in the ringing of the gun shot, the bullet ending his suffering in a single aim. The General looked about the battlefield, or rather, the massacre, his victory over the pathetic country folk. His cannon fire & guns had created smoke as thick & dark as the rain clouds above, the blood staining the ground & sky in the sunlight, like a hellish nightmare.
The remaining townspeople hid in their run down houses & carts, praying to be spared of any torture or death. The General had no trouble finding them all & bringing them out onto the streets where they were marked for slavery. Jack was roughly shoved beside the now widowed matriarch of the town, looking at the ground in sullen silence.
The General walked past all of them, inspect them for something, to be a gift for a special person in his life. Once he had gone over them, he stood in front of Jack, his stare of emerald green locking Jacks’ heart in a freeze.

“Take him away.”

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