The Fall Of Earth ~ Doctor Who Group Story

The planet of Gallifrey was destroyed. But the Time Lords? Not all were destroyed. In search of a new home, they come across Earth, in all its glory, and overlook the faults, declaring war on the humans. It's up to the Doctor, and his two dashing companions, to save the world and make peace. But can they?

Chapter 1


Name: Aviva Iphigenia Melusine
Appearance: Dark chocolate brown hair a little farther down than shoulders and usually in pigtails, bright green eyes with flecks of gold, pale and very short, about 4'8" and she's 17 years old.
Personality: Playful, friendly, talks before thinking, clever, can be insulting without realising it occasionally, very stubborn, major bookworm!
Which Companion Will S/he Represent: A twist between Clara Oswald and Rose Tyler
How Did S/he Meet The Doctor: The Doctor found her in her local library at night, because she had been reading and the library had closed for the night without her realising, and there were some Cybermen lying in wait for her.
Weapon of Choice: Swiping the Doctor's screwdriver and using it.
Friends: Tristin, the Doctor, and books.
Love Interest: The Eleventh Doctor
Human or Alien: Human. But she's cleverer than the usual human, although that comes with some side effects that are quite negative.


Name: Tristin Bree Renolds
Appearance: Curly blond hair, Gray eyes, scrawny, pale, 5'6, age 21.
Personality: Clever, caring, screw you-ish, jokes around a lot, gets too serious at times, wants to be better in every aspect than the people she doesn't like, determined, goes too far with her actions, loyal until death
Companion s/he with represent: a mix of Amy Pond and Rose Tyler, but more on the Amy side of things
How s/he met the Doctor: She was a worker at the Queen' s castle in London, and aliens held everyone in there hostage. Tristin ran into the Doctor in a hallway, helped him defeat the aliens, and became his companion with Aviva shortly after Aviva became his companion
Weapon of choice: A gun she stole from a cop.
Friends: Aviva, the Doctor, some people who worked at the castle who won't be mentioned in the story
Love Interest: She's caught in a love triangle between Harry Potter and Loki, but secretly has a crush on Peeta too ;). Just kidding... She falls in love with a human from the future named Ryan Bauman.
Human or alien: Human

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