The Melinda Project

It is said that humans had great strength at the time and threatened to conquer the gods. These split humans were in utter misery to the point where they would not, and would forever long for his or her other half; the other half of his or her soul.

My soul must have been split into three.

I would've been happy if I had waited, or if K didn't sign me up for an online dating site or introduce me to her old college friend. However it did happen. Now what do I do before I go mad?


Chapter 1

Chapter One

Melinda Ken sat in her office reading an article. She was an editor for some junk magazine. It wasn't ideal but her books wouldn't sell. Heck, they couldn't even get a publisher! So Melinda was stuck in this rubbish job. It was better than being a waitress at least.

She quickly goes onto her desktop and opens up another tab, going to, and then to her individual blog. Again it wasn't big, she had a few followers but nothing huge. Maybe it was because she had nothing to blog about. Well nothing of widespread interest. Little did she know that would soon change.

But we're getting ahead of ourselves here. Before the Melinda Project is explained, well you have to know the story. And the background of it. Love is seen as a good thing, incapable of hurt and hate. Well is that true? Perhaps not. Hate and love aren't opposites, no the opposite of love is indifference. And if they aren't opposite then love can hurt and heal. It can destroy. Sometimes it gets old. Love isn't all babies in dippers with magic love arrows. Cupid is much more noxious than it seems. No, maybe that was the wrong word: Love is pernicious. And it's the fools who get hurt. But isn't everybody a fool anyways?

Or maybe people do realize this about me and choose to ignore it. Humans are pertinacious that way. It might be their biggest weakness or perhaps their biggest strength. I haven't been able to distinguish it yet and I wonder if I ever will.

However this isn't the purpose of this story. Melinda Ken is. And her project. This is her story. Sometimes it needs to be shared, ideas and memories do. Or else they might just slip into the sky and fly away, never to be seen again. Oh how wonderful it might be to be unrestricted and weighed by chains!

Anyways, Melinda had opened her blog up, intending to post something. She stares at the screen for a while, tapping her pen to the desk as she thought. She gives off a huff of frustration as she closes the blog's tab after a while, apparently unable to think of anything to say. Melinda wasn't like most of the world on social media today; she didn't post pointless stuff. It had to have a purpose, a good one, not something silly like "I just crossed the street". Nobody needed to know that, or even cared, in her opinion.

And so, with that, Melinda went back to the article on what your eyebrow shape could say about your personality. She found it quite ridiculous and couldn't believe people were actually considering publishing it. Melinda knew she could have done so much better. Besides publishing was a sore sport for her. Her stories and poems weren't good enough to be even considered for publishing and yet this crap saying that having a thin, angular eyebrow could mean that you were cynical, serious, and most alluring to the opposite gender in May. If Melinda had her way, she would have thrown this crap in the waste bucket where it belonged.

However the job gave her money, and money was needed to pay her bills that she needed for survival. So Melinda read the article sourly, as that was the way of the world. What a comforting thought.

A buzzing sound then comes from Melinda's purse. Vibrate was supposed to be silent and unnoticeable, however with Melinda's phone it was more like a personal earthquake. With a heave, she pulls herself out of her seat and goes over to the corner of the office where her purse was. Pulling her little red flip-phone out of her purse, Melinda sees that her friend Kylie had sent her a text.

Lunch @McCalister's? 12:45?

Melinda looked at the time on her phone, it was was almost twelve thirty, and it was time for her lunch break anyways. However she decided it might have to be earlier, and she texts Kylie asking her if the could meet ten minutes earlier. Thankfully, Kylie could and Melinda was shortly leaving her workplace and heading down New York City's streets, heading to McCalister's.

Melinda arrives with two minutes to spare, she goes ahead and orders for herself, getting her usual salad and tea, as she waits for Kylie. She could have honestly ordered for Kylie, but she didn't want to because Kylie would randomly change her order now and then. She was weird like that.

Kylie comes in a few minutes late, but not incredibly so. Her hair is wind blown and her cheeks are red. With her tired look and unsteady breathing, Melinda would have guessed she had ran here from her class at school. Kylie was tall, slim, and blonde. Her blue eyes had this spark that was possible to overlook. Kylie could have been glamorous if she wanted to be. Even in jeans and a sweatshirt, and her hair thrown up in a ponytail, Kylie drew in other's attention. She was also incredibly smart; Kylie went to Manhattan College in the School of Engineering.

Melinda tried not to get jealous or bitter. It wasn't always easy. She knew it wasn't Kylie's fault and Kylie didn't brag or gloat about it. It was just there for her. She didn't seem to see how lucky she was. Melinda shakes her head, she shouldn't have been having these thoughts. Kylie was a great person and friend.

"Hey Mel," Kylie says brushing back a lock of her hair that had escaped her hair-tie. "Sorry I'm late. Let me order and we'll chat, okay? Or did you order for me?" She asks Melinda, as Melinda had done that quite regularly in the past.

"I didn't," Melinda informs her. "I didn't know if you wanted to try something new, it's around that time isn't it? You've had the same thing for three months now I think."

Kylie laughs. "You're right!" She exclaims. "I do think it's time to change it. Well I'll be right back," and with that Kylie leaves to order her food. Melinda wondered what it would be this time around.

Kylie comes back from the counter right as Melinda's order was brought to the table. The waiter seemed to be struck dumb at Kylie, unable to take his eyes off of her. Kylie pointedly looks anywhere except at the guy. They waiter gets the hint and leaves. Melinda sometimes didn't get her friend, yet at the same time she felt in complete sync with her.

They were complete opposites, it seemed like. Kylie was tall while Melinda was short. Kylie was beautiful and Melinda wasn't ugly really, but average really. Kylie was blonde and Melinda had black hair. Melinda cared more about appearances than Kylie; she actually was sure that Kylie was almost apathetic on this topic due to her good fortune. Kylie was brilliant in math and science while Melinda was more of an English kind of person. It was hard to see how they became and stayed friends, but they were. It was difficult to understand but their friendship was dynamic and unbreakable. Melinda quite liked it really.

"So," Kylie says once the waiter was gone. "I set you up on a date tomorrow. I think you'll like him."

"Kylie," Melinda says with a strain in her tone. "Please stop trying to set me up with people. I mean I signed up for that dating site...isn't that enough?"

"Have you actually been on it though?" Kylie asks with an raised eyebrow. Melinda avoids eye contact, she hadn't. Both girls knew it too. "Go on it tonight," Kylie asks-slash-demands. "And please just meet this guy tomorrow. He's amazing. Brilliant too. Rob is the only reason I got through my first year of engineering. And your parents will approve--he's Asian too."

"It's my mom that has that mentality," Melinda corrects Kylie. "Dad doesn't really care about the guys race as long as he's decent and I'm happy. Mom is still stuck in Old China though."

"See!" Kylie says excitably, clapping her hands together. "It's meant to be! Please just give it a try, you don't have to like him. If you end up hating him then you never have to see him again. Please?"

"If I go on this date, do I have to check my account on the online site?" Melinda asks. She knew it was futile to try, but still it was worth a shot. As expected, Kylie shakes her head with a small knowing smile.

"Why are you so focused on me dating anyways?" Melinda ejaculated. "You don't have a boyfriend either! Focus on that."

"But being single is so much fun."

"So let me have 'fun'," Melinda tells her. "Hypocrite."

"By 'fun', I meant less stressful," Kylie corrects with twinkling eyes. "I'm trying to get out of school with limited damage. Besides I can get one at any time, being a girl in engineering has its perks you know. There aren't a lot of us. Besides," Kylie says to Melinda, her tone now serious, "you seem lonely, and it's almost like your missing something sometimes. I just want you to be happy Mel."

"And I need a guy for that?"

"Of course not," Kylie sighs. "I just...I suck at helping people."

Melinda felt bad. Kylie was genuinely trying to help her, just in her own special way. And she hadn't shown any gratitude or even cooperated with her. "Okay," Melinda says, surprising Kylie. "I'll go tomorrow and check my dating results from that site. What time tomorrow and where?"

"Seriously?" Kylie asks, scrutinizing Melinda's face for signs of sarcasm, mischief, trickery, or falsehood. She finds none however and she takes out some paper along with a pencil. "The names Rob Khan," she informs me as she begins writing. "South Gate Restaurant, by Central Park," she mutters as she sprawls the information out with her pencil. "Seven thirty."

"Thanks," Melinda tells Kylie sincerely as she hands her the paper. Melinda slips the paper into her purse and gets up. "It was nice seeing you Kylie, we should do it again when we have more time. Sorry, but I got to get back to work."

Kylie gets up too, and hugs Melinda. "Have fun," she says. "And call me afterwards." Melinda throws Kylie a smile and picks up the rest of her salad and drink. "See you Kylie," she says as they part ways: Melinda heading back to work and Kylie pulling out a textbook as she waited for her food.

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