My prediction came true...

Chapter 1

Its happened

Okay so a couple months ago Take Me Home by Cash Cash was on the radio and of course that upset me. But back then i said that Cash Cash sounded similar to tiesto and i said how long is it gonna be before tiesto is on the radio. Well its happened. Tiesto has entered the danger zone. However me and im sure many of his other fans know what he truly is: trance. Even though he has already made the change to electro house doesnt mean he was lost. But he could be lost he makes the same changes as anton and tim (zedd and avicii) i and other fans im sure are holding out hope that he will not change. He is an older artist who has been around for a while. Hopefully he will not change. But i do say this. Pop seems to be phasing out. I know some people call this music pop but its not. It is electro house. Tiesto is now mainstream it is official that electro house is now mainstream.


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