Feel Alive.....(One Direction/Hunger Games Cross Over Group Story)

Group story with Crazyshhhh

Chapter 1

Nina Lutz

Today was the day for the twenty-fifth capital hunger games. I can't believe they are making us pay for our grandparents mistakes, we didn't have anything to do with their decisions.

After their revolution, they divided the capital into twelve sort of districts, so they will have twenty four tributes to pick. I live in the district known Techo, they made us in charge of the technology. Irony is we create the technology they use in the games.

"Nina, time to get ready. We are leaving thirty minutes to meet up with your father and the rest of your siblings," said my mom entering my room without even knocking.

"Okay," I replied a bit annoyed. When my parents divorced I wanted to live with my dad, but with my luck, I got stuck with my mother. She doesn't understands me, seeing I'm more like my father.

I love to be by on my own with my face glued into a book. My mother, on the other hand, like to be the center of attention in everything. She loves to talk to people she doesn't even know, and go and have parties every weekend.

I put on my most simple dress, which it a blue one tight from the waist up and lose from the waist down. It's knee length and it covers my shoulders. The dress went well against my pale skin and gray eyes. My long wavy black, blue, purple, and white hair was lose, making it's vibrant color stand out. I didn't have more to show considering I'm petite, but I'm comfortable in my five foot four skin.

"You look beautiful," my oldest sister, Monique, exclaimed entering my room. She was the total opposite of me; tan, tall, gorgeous, and plain not me.

"Uh...Thank you," I replied in a small voice.

"Come on, we have to go to breakfast with the rest of the family and then go to...reaping," she sighed, knowing it was her last year today.

I simply nodded and followed her out my room, locking the door in the process. If I get reap today, I really don't want anyone entering my room. This place is my sanctuary, where I can be myself without getting judge. I just don't want anyone to invade that. I don't want my mother, my sister and my two brothers in here.

"Okay, so, your father and I decided to try the new place you ids have been dying to go to, Planet Dish, " our mother started to say as we walked through the street of the cities. She then started talking about the reaping after party we were invited to, and that's when I started to tune her out.

Half scared teen were walking the streets, you could see in their eyes that they were praying and hoping their name wouldn't be called out today. As I saw all this, my head started to wonder why Katniss accepted all of this. I mean, wasn't this what she was fighting against. Didn't she want all this to end, for all this nonsense to stop.

"Nina, did you hear me?" asked my mother annoyed, bringing me back to reality.

"I'm sorry, what was it?" I asked as I felt my cheek getting warm, I knew I was blushing.

"That my good friend, Celeste, said that she has a son around your age, and we were thinking that maybe you two should go on a date," she restated.

"You are not setting me up on a date," I exclaimed really embarrassed. Is my mother really trying to send my on a date with a complete stranger?

"Calm down, it's just a thought. Plus, it really wouldn't hurt you. I mean, I do hear he's a total catch," she replied rolling her eyes as we reached our destination.

"I'm done talking about this," I sighed quickly entering the restaurant, leaving them behind. I quickly noticed my father with my other two sisters and two brothers. They smiled as soon as they saw me and came to hug me.

"I've missed you, Nina. You should come over more often," My older brother, Derek sighed as he hugged me. Why couldn't I've been send with them, why did I have to stay with my mother? This is the side of the family that really understand me. "And you look beautiful today, by the way."

Soon, my mother, sister, and my two other brothers joined us, making it get loud quickly. We were all talking about how it was going in school and what we've been up to. The truth is, we were all trying to forget the reaping, but it wasn't working.

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