The Haven Hotel

Chapter 1

Milford Haven, Wales

On the corner of Dartmouth Street and Hamilton Terrace was The Haven Hotel.
It was here where I rented the top floor room, leaving my life in Ireland.

I was going to university. It was ten minutes from my home, so I lived with my mother and father. I was only a freshman, and it was only October, yet I picked myself up in the middle of the night and left. I took the money I had saved up and bought a one way train ticket to Rosslare Harbor, from where I took a ferry to Wales.

After the ferry landed, I headed to the train station. There was a number of towns on the departure board, and in the moment, I didn't care which town I went to. So I closed my eyes and ran my finger over the board, deciding that whatever it landed on was where I was meant to go.

I opened my eyes. Milford Haven. One ticket was 5 pounds - Milford Haven was close by. The train was departing at four AM; two minutes.

I hurriedly rushed to the booth, where the ticket clerk smiled a remorseful smile and told me, "You got the last ticket," yet her smile disappeared and her face returned to its lifeless state. As I turned to board the train, I looked up at the high ceilings that echoed my footsteps and wondered if I'd ever return to the station.

The train was empty except for a man in a brown suit, with bright blue eyes that stood out against the purple around them. He glanced over at me without interest and never looked over again.

In only ten minutes, the train pulled to a stop and the man in the brown suit hurriedly walked off. I soon found myself walking down a street in the middle of the rain, with only one duffel, the gray clouds rolling above me. I looked for a place to stay - any sign of a motel, or if worse came to worst, a home that I could ask to spend the night in.

That's when The Haven Hotel came into my vision. Even from so far away, the light blue, three story building stood out against the blackness of the sky and captured my heart. I got closer and closer and felt my heart tugging me forward. In that moment, I felt that I found something I was meant to find.

This is where it started. This moment in time was the beginning of my life.


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