Life does'nt have a Happily ever after!

Do you ever hear," then she feel in love with the lovely bride, and lived happliy ever after," well this is a reality check, I'm making a story for people to relize, this is two-thousand, and five thousand worded reality check story for you ,and me!

Chapter 1


I walk down the street, and I notice how life is really being. This world is our home, it has good parts, and bad parts, but there is always the best part for you!

Life is very cruel, but very pleasent towards people, land, and any other thing in this world. There is many toi go over about this world, but I''m going to make a long short story for every person in this world!

People who are rich ,and famous, or just rich, I want you to go down streets with homeless people, un-cared for animals, or people, people who aren't so ric, and people that live in town houses. This will show people who are rich that life can be so bad, yet you don't care about it, and hopefully it will snap quick. Because if it does'nt future life will be very hard on other people

People who live in town-houses, there is hope for you people to go out there and live your life, it does'nt matter where live, and what your mated person has to say, it matters of what you what to do. But if you want to stay where your living I understand, because i live in a town-house, yet my family is very rich, actully my great, great, uncle.Milt, or Eric R. lives right next to snoop dog no lie, I cross my hear and hope to die, and I swear to god. But anyways there is no stopping you town-house people you can do more than you imagined.

If you love a guy or a girl, make sure that you actully love them and they love you because, that person can just be a seagull waiting right bye you for something good. But, if you are in-love with someone but your not in a realationship, do not obses over that one person because there might be other great people in this world wanting to serve someone as a lover forever.

If you are someone wanting to get into a arguement don't, you practicly are wasting presiocuis time, of your life. So don't waste your time getting in a arugement with someone for no reason, or because of a stupid reason, it wastes your time. But if someone is getting in a arguement with you then do not talk to them, because that intimidates them. So don't get into a arugement

People I hope this helped you, and made a reality check on you. Thank you!


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