Thoughts On Divergent (The Movie)

Chapter 1


So I saw Divergent! Finally I might add. So it was good as a movie and as a book. So lets just get my complaints out of the way, shall we? Then we move on to the good stuff.

In terms of the movie by itself:

-Sometimes there was a slight glitch in the special effects. Okay twice but it still bugged me. It wasn't anything major, it was just a slide transition. I'm just overly critical.
-Peter's actor: Okay I've liked him in other things but as Peter...gah no. Please don't do that role because you screwed him up. I guess this is related to the book but oh well.

Movie to Book Issues:
-The mirror in the beginning with the hair: general idea of what happened in the book but not strictly accurate. It didn't bug me too much.
-What was up with that old ship?
-Jeanine at the end with attacking Tris: That would never happen. Jeanine in the books was so tactical she would have never made an impulse decision in the heat of the moment like that. I actually think that Jeanie might be secretly a Erudite-Dauntless Divergent though.
-Will: He wasn't blonde like he was in the book! No. And he wasn't as big of a character either which upset me. I mean his death should have upset me but no. You didn't get to know him as much in the movie and he just dies oh well. In the book hell was about to go down.
-Four/Tobias in his Fear Landscape: It's your deepest, darkest fears. No person would be as chill as he was and he wasn't in the book.
-Tris in her landscape: Again, idea there but not the 100% truth facts. The last part pissed me off a lot. Tris would shoot herself rather than shoot her family. I mean really?
-Paint guns not simulated bullets. Though simulated bullets are more Dauntless so I guess I'll let it go.
-The whole Jeanine is in Dauntless during the attack and knife stabbing her in her hand. Not in books- but I loved it. I'll go into more detail later.
-The first simulation: The mirrors weren't there in the books and they didn't do the bus in the movie.
-Tris getting on the roof in Abnegation (before she choose). Like that would ever be allowed?
-Edward did not get stabbed in the eye and I wanted to see that.
-Eric did not kick Tris out after the Molly incident. And he wouldn't let her back in.
-Tris had on a whole lot of makeup for an Abnegation.
-Tris and Tobias--their relationship moved way to fast and that make out session- no. That is so different. They didn't move that fast.
-No Visiting Day
-The Dauntless wore some red shirts.

There are more but it's minor and I think you got the point. The changes all fit (mostly) in the context of the movie so I am not really upset by it.

Now to what I liked and some Emily Comments.

Okay so I liked after Eric kicked Tris out and she joins in anyways. He's like "what are you doing here?" And has this sadistic face while she explains. And then he says "okay" as nonchalant as you could be! God, that was hilarious.

I also loved the whole zipline scene. I want to do that. I really do. That was perfect.

I loved how the simulations looked different from the rest of the movie scenes. Perfect.

Christina! Her comments are amazing and I love her.

Natalie Prior was perfection. Like wonderful. And Kate Winslet, the goddess was perfect. I mean wow. Jeanie is not an easy role but wow. She's perfect.

I love when Jeanine says this, I finally have proof that chemistry is evil and I think that my chemistry teacher is Jeanine in disguise.

"It's amazing how thoughts, emotions, memories; all what makes us human can be erased with chemistry".

There is my proof.

Also with Jeanine...I love when Tris and Tobias start shooting in the Dauntless compound (after they get him out of his simulation) all the Erudite panic and Jeanine is just like not even phased as she goes to her technology. Boom.

I also love how Tris throws the knife and it sticks it into Jeanine's hand. That was awesome. And I'm amazed she didn't curse or scream. I mean seriously. And I also respect Jeanine's stubbornness with the simulation. See, I think she is secretly a Dauntless-Erudite Divergent.

Shailene Woodley (Tris) did very well, especially since this is her first action movie or not a more realistic everyday acting role. That's something completely out of her comfort zone and that's awesome she did that well.

With Tris-- I have a comment. Okay her fighting: good defense but seriously those forearm punches would make her loose every fight. It bugged me. Plus hitting like that would hurt yourself. I know it's a movie but....

With the flags in their game--I want one. Will somebody get me one please? And one of those simulated bullet wound guns? And play that game with me? Please?

"Is it just me or are they trying to kill us?" -Christina.

That was perfection.

I heard people complain about how Tris acted with her dad dying but I honestly think she was in survival mode and it makes sense and is accurate so really no complaints.

Overall I give this movie an 7/10. I really liked it and I can't wait for Insurgent! And no that's not just because we get to see Tris on drugs. Okay maybe it is. So what are your thoughts?


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