Shadows of the Strange (original group story)

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Chapter 1

Ty Malone/Russel Eagleheart

by: Luxray100
Ty Malone

School was always just so boring. Its not like they were teaching us anything we would use. The best part of the day at school was lunch and thats just because I got to see my friends. The bell finally rang in Ms. Andersons class. Her class was one of the worst not only because she was the strictest teacher but Steve Moth was in there and he hated me.

I worked my way through the large crowd of teenagers, "Hey guys! Wait up!" I called as I caught up to two of my friends. Josh McCloud and Russel Eagleheart. "Need a hand?" Russel asked. "No I got it." I said as I pushed through the last few students. "There's way too many kids here. We need bigger hallways." I said. "Yes but alas that day will never come." Russel said. "Maybe you just need to get bigger." Josh said. "Well jeeze you'd have to be Russel or Coles size to push through this crowd. And that's just because everyone moves out of the way." I said. Cole Marsh-Crook was one of my other friends. Russle and he were about the same hight and they were huge.

We eventually made it to the caffiteria and waited for the others. I saw Cara DeLaphont creep around the corner in her small, akward, way. "Hm." I humed out to her. She kinda laughed and did the same back. We had always had sort of a secret language of hums. Cole and Tony Johnson showed up next. "Hey Ty." Cole said as he sat down. "Hey Ty. Check it out." My friend Tyler Hole said as he sat down at the table behind us. He opened up his notebook and showed me a drawing of Rin from Blue Exorcist. Tyler was one of the best artists I knew it looked like the picture was about to come off the page and expload in blue flames. "Hey Tyler." Tony said. Tony loved to mess with me and Tyler because we had the same name. Even if I went by Ty Tony would still call me Tyler so coming from him I answered to both. "No not Tyler Tyler." He smirked. "Ty or Tyler Toehurt?" I said. "Nevermind nevermind." He laughed.

I was enjoying my lunch with my friends but then a somewhat large man with a grey suit and a bald head. "Who's that?" I asked. "Who?" Tyler asked as he turned around. "That one." I said. "Ah yes. That's very specific." Russel said. "Indeed." The man walked into the middle of the lunchroom and called, "Where is your so-called principal Mr. Track?" "Space." Cole said just loud enough for the people in our group to hear. We all stiffled a laugh at his comment as Mr. Track walked through the door and made his way to the middle of the lunchroom. They exchanged a few inaudible words before the man shot him.

The second that gun went off just about every girl in the school started to scream. "Shut up!" I yelled. They all shut their mouths as soon as those words left my mouth. "You guys scream enough." I said. "Why thank you Ms. Malone." The man said as he appeared behind me. "How do you know who I am?" I said. "You've been on our watch list for a long time." He said as he grabbed my wrist. "Hey!" Russel said angrily as he stood up. The man just pulled the trigger on him. "Russel!" I instantly swung my arm to punch the man but it didn't do a thing!

The man pulled me down the hallway to get outside and I wasn't going without a fight. But it didn't seem to matter what I did nothing even phased him. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed two of my friends, Al and Tia, hiding behind a corner. They were about to come out from behind the wall, "Get back you idiots!" I said without thinking. They exchanged a quick glance before Al pulled Tia back behind the wall.

The man had a death grip on my wrist and pulled me through the parking lot to a silver limo and forced me in. The moment he threw me in I landed on... My spanish teacher? I looked around and noticed my yearbook teacher Ms. Warson was there as well. "Hey hun." She said. "What the heck is going on!" I demanded. "All in good time Ty." Ms. Ramirez said as she tried to stroke my hair. I instantly retaliated. A growl slipped out, my ears pinned themselves back, and I went to bite her without thinking. She quickly moved her hand away though. I tried to get my space between them but there was only room to have a few inches between us.

I suddenly felt something poking into my knee and noticed that Ms. Ramirez had taken a small, white, pen-like object and pushed the point into my knee. I went to hit her but something wasn't quite right. I stayed concious for a minute before everything when black. The last thing I remember was seeing the school fade off into the distance and the tired thought of "What the heck is going on?"


Russel Eagleheart

"You were supposed to make sure this didn't happen!" Comander Jones yelled. "I know sir. I was being stupid and got myself shot." I said. "All you had to do was keep an eye on one girl! How hard is that!" He yelled. "Because of you the whole country, maybe even the world, could be in danger!" "Maybe it's not a total loss, if she still has the tracker we could-" "She doesn't. It was in her backpack and that was left at the school." I said interupting the assistant.

Comander Jones looked like he was about to expload in anger. "You're off the case." He said trying to hide the anger in his voice. "Wait what?! I've been on this case for over a year! You can't just take me off!" I said. "You are the only oppritive so far who allowed them to take the person you were supposed to be watching!" He said angrily. "That's because mine was the only one they came after so far!" I said. "You were supposed to be ready for when they did." He stated. I sighed and quickly left the room.

I ended up on the roof looking out across the horizon. I cursed myself for letting them take Ty. I wasn't about to let them get away with it either but I knew I wouldn't be able to do it alone. I would need help.

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