Steps to becoming one of Slenderman's proxies (for those who are curious)

For those that are curious, this is generally what every proxy will go through at some point in their lives unless they have a special case in which the become a proxy rather quickly. Of course the steps and severity of them will vary between proxies.

Chapter 1

becoming a proxy

Step 1 Get noticed and stalked by the slenderman. You will see Slenderman basically ever where you go as if he is fallowing you. The reason he does this is either a: he is curious about you, B: Hes seeing if you are worthy or good enough for the job, or c: He wants to drive you insane and/or kill you. This "stalking" time varies. In some cases it is a few months, a lot of months, a year, or even many years.

During this time you will also get really bad head aches, fear, and paranoia. You will also get what is referred to as Slender Sickness. The symptoms of slender sickness are; coughing fits, coughing up blood, occasional nausea, paranoia, vomitting, and extreme exhaustion. Many have also had bloody noses, fever, and sometimes amnesia as well as deja vu, painful breathing, difficulty in swallowing, and violent convulsions.

If he likes what he sees and you have proven yourself. You will most likly move on to step two unless he's been doing step one to kill you.

step 2: Slenderman will reveal himself to you and have a chat with you. He will tell you of his plans for you to work for him/ be a proxy. If you say no to his request, he will kill you. If you say yes, will black out and wake up safely at your house. It is un know if slenderman takes you there or you walk there your self.

Step 3 (interchangeable with step 4): Second meeting. Getting your mark. Little known fact; slenderman puts a scar on his proxies to identify them as a proxy.

Step 4 (interchangeable with step 3 : Getting used to slenderman and the slender sickness. Eventually the extreme paranoia and fear turns in a feeling of comfort. You will be able to interact and be near slenderman with out having any of the horrible slender sickness symptoms minus amnesia and black outs which will still occur even when your a proxy.

Step 5: The strange habits/urges phase. The weird urge to draw the operator symbol, and eventually doing it without thinking and out of nowhere. It is near imposable to stop your self. your muscles will control themselves and do it against your will. strange habit number two is walking in the woods everyday against you will and the strange urge to be outside more often.

step 6: After getting your mark you are now technically a proxy, but I don't really count some one as being a proxy until you get to this point. Being able to communicate with slenderman in your head and hear his voice with out it hurting you. For those that don't know, Slenderman communicates through thought. It is at this point that you can finialy do jobs for him and go on missions.

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