The Ultimate Guide to Quibblo

I teach how to be good Quibblonian

Chapter 1


I'm not an expert at quiz-making but I know the basics into being a good quiz maker.

You should really follow the steps of popular, good quiz makers such as clasede2013 or CharmingPotion.

When making a good poll or survey:

You always have to create something that anyone can relate to. Usually polls and surveys that asks who your favorite character from [insert popular fandom here] don't get as much as a response. If you make a survey asking if you like breakfast better than dinner, the responses would be more because everyone has breakfast and dinner so they would be more willing to give an answer.

The occasional survey/poll about your fandom is fine. I would just recommend posting quizzes of things we all know about because it'll get you popular quickly.

I think this also somewhat applies to questions and scored quizzes as well. Like I've explained, you're more likely to get more responses on a quiz anyone could relate to.

As for personality quizzes...

You need to make sure the ending results are detailed. If the quiz is about what your name should be then you shouldn't just write 'You should change your name to Amber'. Why should I change my name to Amber? What does it mean? How does the name Amber relate to me? You need to make sure you explain every question the quiz-taker might think of.

Uh, that's all I got so far for quizzes. Comment if I missed anything. I'll post some more guides to Quibblo later :D


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