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Chapter 1

dis is fun

For those who are fans of my Creatures of the Night story. I'm adding another character to the story.

(This includes spoilers of the story so finish reading before you join)

In the story, right now, the creature hunters are attacking our characters. The hunters are trying to make the creatures leave their town and go back to where they are supposed to be.

The character we are looking for is gonna be a creature hunter that secretly goes to our characters' school.

The creature hunters are not creatures so you don't need to do anything that relates to them being a creature because they aren't. The hunter you are signing up for is disguising as a creature. They are human.

So maybe do something like 'hates vampires and werewolves' so I know who they want to attack.. It would be best if you did the main characters' creature type so your hunter character attacks our characters.

Again, your character ISN'T A CREATURE! They are a HUMAN! Please don't make them have any creature traits!!!

There's no real other requirements. I don't care how long you take to write, I'd just ask for your progress. You wouldn't need to write too much.

If you are interested, please sign up using this form:

Secret Race:
Friends from the school: (specifically choose one of our characters)

We're only choosing one character so make yours the best!

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