Whoever hacked Jinxisepic

Don't worry Jinx, imma help u with this as much as i can ;)

Chapter 1


People of quibblo, this isn't funny to hack someone. Would u like it if someone did this to u? I bet no. So, y do it if the person did nothing to u? How would u like it if someone took something away from u that was so important to your life? Horrible, right? If u don't care, ur a heartless mother f-----. Quibblo is so important to Jinxispic. She took precious time out of her life to make her stories. She took time to make SO many quizzes for all of us to enjoy. She lost old conversations with her friends and now she has nothing to look back at. She lost all her comments. Now, ur probably like "-spits- whatever". Well, u shouldn't b. If ur one of Jinxisepic's friends, plz stand up for her and make ur own defensive story to stand up for her.

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