Group Story - "The Children" (Story title will be thought of later xD) ONLY animegirl3, epicsnicker, and dreamergirl CAN READ

In a dystopian society the government has a special secret weapon to use against the public. Children.

Chapter 1


Hey guys! Dreams_Come_True and I came up with the perfect idea for a fanfic-- and we want you guys to join!


In a dystopian society the government has a special secret weapon to use against the public. Children.
Small children, no more than 8, who have been strictly trained and raised since infancy to be the government's perfect tool. When a group of these children are sent to take out a group of rebels, no one ever expected them to fail.....or to be captured.
So now these children are in the hands of the rebels. People who they were trained to hate; to loathe; to take down. But the rebels treat the children kindly, as they simultaneously try to turn the kids against the government. The people who raised and 'cared' for them.
Will these young kids stick to what they were taught, or will they see the evil in their old care givers?

My character:

Name: Capra Stowe
Age: 6 (No older than 8 please)
Appearance: long, wavy, golden hair, hazel eyes, freckles, innocent-looking, thin, wears jeans and tee shirts often.
Personality: pretends to be sweet and innocent, but is secretly manipulative and dangerous (Bullies are allowed, but no secretly nice ones, okay? They've been trained to be evil. So they are.)
Skills: trained in hand-to-hand combat and is skilled with knives
Backstory: Born in the hands of the government, Capra has lives a life of training for leaving her sheltered home-- and going to fight the rebels. She has grown up with the other children and, although she is younger, she has a very high IQ and has been able to think her way out of many sticky situations before. (No sob stories, guys-- they've all grown up pretty much the same way)

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Thank you! If you have any more questions just ask!

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