Group story idea (Authors read chapter 3)

Chapter 1

by: Luxray100
So last night I had a weird, yet cool, dream. I decided to make it into a book since the farthest the dream went was me getting stabbed in the leg with a pen or something wondering what the heck was going on.

Anyway. Basically theres this organisation of some sort trying to gain control of the country and possibly the world. They have ceirtain teenagers on a watch-list that they plan on taking and wiping their memories so that they will coopporate. These kids all have some weird things about them that might actually be something more.

Unlike normal group stories though each person will be writing for 2. For every person on that watch list there is another person who is somewhat close to them (as in a friend no relation whatsoever like family members) that is meant to keep an eye on them and prevent them fromgetting taken when the time comes. All of these opritives fail for one reason or another and the person gets taken.

So for those of you who are interested you must be able to write your chapters in about a week. If you need more time for one reason or another tell me and I might give you more time. Each chapter will be for both people. First the Person who gets taken and then th opritive. Just seprte them like this if you want

Ty Malone
Russel Eagleheart

Heres the form

Name: first and last
Weird things:

Opritive name:
Age(15-18 doesn't have to be the same age as other person):

Here's my characters

Name: Tyler (Ty) Malone
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Weird things: Ears have a mind of their own and will move with her emotions, eyes change color, growls and will bare her teeth when angry, sometimes will go to bite people but holds it back (usually)
Personality: Stubborn, Protective of friends, weird, slight anger issues, has a hard time paying attention, tomboy
Looks: Long, curly, dark brown hair, black t-shirt, jeans, has a large scar on right shoulder, tanish skin, hazel eyes when they're neutral
Friends: Russel Eagleheart, Cole Marsh-Crook, Tony Johnson, Tyler Hole, Cara DeLaphont, Josh McCloud
Other: Hates being touched at all, likes sports, and sees punching people in the face as a fun pass-time

Opritive Name: Russel Eagleheart
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Personality: Serious but funny at the same time, focused, responsible, respectful
Looks: Tall, black hair, black and red jacket, jeans, dark brown eyes
Other: He sometimes gets lost when Ty tries to explain things to him

Also if you have an idea for a name for the story that would help to :D

And I want there to be guys to. There can't just be a bunch of girls getting taken.

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