I gosh I'm so horrible apologizes for being terrible

Chapter 1

......awkward blank title

Right so yep, I'm terrible, I've abandoned every so fricking long and now I kinda wanna come back to Quibblo, 'cept I created this account when I was thirteen and my username is my name + the boy i had a crush on, which was really pathetic of me so yeah I'm starting over with a new account, so if ya still like me just add me on my new account, 'kay? 'Cause I've also changed a lot since I was last on here, too, I'm a lot darker than I used to be, but hey, darkness rules. XD
http://www.quibblo.com/user/AndyBlack <<<THAT'S THE NEW ACCOUNT SILLY NACHOPEOPLE <<<what the hell am i even saying


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