Convergent (A Divergent Group Story)

Convergent (A Divergent Group Story)

Brooklyn Carter, Dauntless-born.
Markus Woodley, Candor-born
Indigo Mace, Amity-born
Lyss Annadeen, Erudite-born
Katri Lucien, Abnegation-born

Five different people.
Five different factions.
One huge decision.


coming closer together, esp. in characteristics or ideas; united

Chapter 1

Brooklyn Carter || My Aptitude

I feel someone shaking me from my sleep. When my eyes open, I see that it's my little brother, Max. "C'mon, Brooke," he says, his black hair flopping in his eyes. "Get up, get up, get up!"

I feel the sheets cling to my body as I get up, the room dark and eerily quiet. Usually I can hear chatter from the rest of the compound, but today, everyone must be nervous.

"What time is it?" I ask Max. He smiles at me mischievously.

"The time the tattoo parlor opens."

I roll my eyes, wondering why I even bothered to get up. Mom and Dad have been telling Max that even though he's Dauntless, he can't get a tattoo until he turns twelve. Since he's only eight, and one of the girls he hangs out with that's ten got her first tattoo, he's been pressuring us.

"Go tell Mom and Dad that I'm up," I say, smiling and letting him walkout of my room. The moment he's out the door I lock it and grab the first thing I see. Well, this is partially true-- I picked it out last night, making sure it showed off my tattoo. Though people are going to laugh at it, I love it.

I run my fingers through my short black hair, streaked with pink and green, and turn, looking in the mirror at the back of my neck. A large, black, inky butterfly perches there, spreading its wings.

"I can do this," I whisper. I unlock my bedroom door and walk across the hall to our bathroom, brushing my teeth and combing my hair. I skip breakfast. It will come right back up because I'm-- what is this feeling?-- nervous. No. Not nervous, and not scared. Anxious. Excited, even. I want to take this test and pass it in flying colors, showing all those Stiffs and Noses why the Dauntless are the ones that protect the city.

We are brave. I am brave. I can pass this test.


"Good luck, honey," my mother croons as I walk out the door. "I'll tell your father how brave you were this morning about the test." Her long brown hair flows as she speaks, and she smiles in a way that makes her look as if she's in her twenties, not her late thirties, which she really is.

"Tell Dad I love him, too," I call, running to the train platform.

"Bye, Brooke!" Max calls.

"Bye, Max," I yell. Our voices are the only ones I hear in these halls.

When I reach the train platform, the train is almost here, speeding towards us. I don't have time to stop running; I just jump on. Once I have a spot in the far corner, I begin to pick at my nails. Today I will find out if I am meant to stay with my family. Though I know I will either way.

I can't imagine life any other way.


"Carter, Brooklyn," calls a calm Abnegation woman. She looks older, maybe in her sixties, and I can't help but stare. In Dauntless, if you can't keep up, you're either killed or thrown to the factionless. Usually you can't choose which.

I walk into a room, mirrors all around, with another Abnegation sitting near my chair. I assume I have to sit there, so I do-- and I realize how uncomfortable I am.

"Are you just gonna, like, ask questions?" I ask. The Abnegation man doesn't answer, just types something into his screen and looks at me.

"Drink this," he commands, holding up a vial.

"Is this part of the test?" I ask suspiciously.

He chuckles. "No, it will begin after you drink this." Seeing my uneasy glance, he adds, "I swear."

"Okay," I mutter, gulping it down. It tastes like water, except less sweet. And colder.

"Now what?" I ask, but when I look up, the man is gone.

"Hey! I call, noticing the equipment is gone, too. Test administrator! Where are you?"

"Choose," says a female voice calmly behind me. I turn, suddenly not in the chair and standing upright, but no one is there. Just my reflection a million times.

"Choose wha--" I turn back around and see a hunk of cheese and a knife.

"What are they for?" I ask. The voice just repeats herself again, a little more persistent. Not wanting to upset her--the voice-- it, I pick up the knife.

The moment I do, the cheese vanishes, and it is replaced by a snarling dog. I now know what the knife is for. I pick it up and back away slowly at first, getting a feel for this animal. Its weaknesses.

It lunges suddenly, and I do the only logical thing-- I hold out the knife and allow it to penetrate the dog's heart. Breathing heavily, it vanishes, and I collapse in a small pile of relief. But it is short lived when a woman walks in.

She is Candor, holding a thick book that I recognize as one I read before. Yet I don't remember what it't about.

"Have you read this?" she asks angrily. I know that if I tell the truth, she'll do something horrible, so I say, "No, that looks like a stupid book."

She nods and stalks off, but suddenly the ground turns to sand beneath my feet, and the walls collapse in the room to reveal a large ocean all around. I see a lone message in a bottle, and I pick it up.

It reads:

You have been put on this island for life. Which would you like as a reward-- a companion, or fresh drinking water?

I don't have any friends, so I immediately choose fresh drinking water. Well, I think it, and all of a sudden there are two people fighting behind me. I can tell that they're going to hit each other soon, and there is no one else here to stop them.

I jump in between them and take the blow from the Dauntless one. He looks angry, but I punch him back before I can think logically.

And now the island dissolves and I'm in a new room-- an auditorium where a woman is calling my name onstage. She is Erudite and looks very official. However, in this crowd of people, no one knows me, so I stay where I am, a smirk on my face when she snaps, "Brooklyn Carter, get onstage for execution!"

I gasp, sitting up in the chair. The Abnegation test administrator is next to me again, the ghost of a smile on his lips. "Congratulations," he says softly. "You have a strong aptitude for Dauntless, although you almost got Abnegation."

I smile politely, excusing myself, and exit confidently.

I passed.

In my world, I passed.

I am Dauntless.

I am brave.

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