A Twist In Reality

Fairies fly in a Fantasy world where they are spit up in to different types, Wind, Sky, Earth, Water, and Fire. They all have a role to do, the Wind fairies control the wind, Sky fairies control the weather, Earth fairies control the ground and the Earth, Water fairies control the water, and Fire fairies control the fire. But other fairies want to take over who have black wings and strange markings. Everything now is a twist in reality.

Chapter 1

Rose of the Earth Fairies

Spring! I could feel it. Sunlight was seeping through the trees, and the skies were blue. It was the first day of Spring, and I was in charge of blooming the first flower. It was something that all the Earth fairies get to do every year, welcoming the new season.

I was so excited since I had never gotten to do this job before. I wonder what the weather will be like. I really hope the Sky fairies don't make it rain, not on today!

"Hey, wait up!" My friend, Cara shouts from behind me. She's pretty, with pale blue wings and icy blue eyes. Her wings are a bit smaller than mine and she's always barefoot.

"We are going to be late!" I call back, but I slow down a bit.

"Oh gosh, I'm so excited! I get to bloom the first flower!" I squeal. Cara rolls her eyes. "Rose, you've said that a billion times! I'm really happy for you."

Finally we make it to middle of where the Earth fairies live, which I call 'Earth Fairy Central.'

'Earth Fairy Central' is full of trees and beautiful flowers. Fairies swarm around, getting tasks done. It's where all the fairies go to sleep, eat, and find what their tasks are for the day.

Ms. Hollis gives a big smile when she sees me and flies over to me. She's always making sure that everyone does what they are suppose to do and that everything is orderly. Her purple wings glisten in the sunlight. "Oh, I'm so glad your here!" she says. "Are you ready?"

I bob my head in response.

"Wonderful!" she replies, beckoning her head to where a crowd gathers. "Follow me,"

I make my way through the crowd and stand by some soil. I pull my hand out and concentrate on the soil. I turn my hand a little bit making a root appear. I turn my hand over a little bit more carefully.

A stem begins to grow. I concentrate harder and keep on turning my hand slowly. Beautiful yellow petals pop out as the Daffodil blooms.

I smile to myself and the Earth fairies cheer.

Then soon all the Earth fairies get to work in blooming the other flowers, making the Earth so colorful.

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