Beyond The Stars (A Group Story)

An original group story by: (using usernames, not nicknames)


Chapter 1

Versus -Bay Lockwood

I saw a car pull up in the driveway. Out popped some of my best friends on the planet: Sylvia, Carter, and Pepper. My other friend, James, was at the window beside me. He lived down the street and just walked to my house, even though it was raining. Because it was raining.

The trio of girls disappeared into my house and then appeared at my bedroom door a minute later.

"Ready to go?" asked Carter.

"Hold on. We have to pick teams first, not to mention strategize," replied Sylvia, shaking her wet black hair out of her green eyes.

"I already have my plans mapped out," replied Carter. Very like her, as she was the planner. Although it was usually for debates. If that girl doesn't have a rebuttal, no one does.

Pepper snorted. "Plans? The game is simple. Get across the first without being seen an marked by the other team, collecting the tokens. Team with the most tokens wins, if you are marked your tokens are invalid."

"Well, when you put it like that.." grumbled Carter.

James and I just sat back, sharing smiles at the scene. Carter vs Pepper was our favorite thing because of their explosive personalities. What I really wanted to see was James vs Pepper. Now that would be explosive.

Sylvia saw our enjoyment and rolled her huge eyes. Seriously, a person could get lost in those things; they were that big.

"Guys, so-" I tried to add in.

The girls kept bickering about strategies. Pepper may not show it as much as Carter, but she was still pretty smart.

"Shut up! Bay is talking, ya freaks!" yelled James.

"Um.. thanks. Anyways, James and I took the liberty of doing everything. So we actually can go now."

Pepper dramatically and comedically flipped her long, bright red hair. Carter rolled her eyes, and Sylvia smiled. I grinned at my friends.

"Teams are: James and Bay versus the girls!" James announced. He was instantly met with dissent from Carter and Pepper.

"Shut it, superior race!"

This obviously angered the girls more. "We're all the same race!" cried Carter and Sylvia, while I snuck behind James. I shoved him towards Pepper, who had seen me and had a fist ready. He fell right into Pepper's punch and to the ground.

"Traitor!" he declared in a clear voice, going against hi scrunched-up face.

"Aw, buddy, your hair is messed up! You'll have to re-gel," I teased, high-fiving the girls.

"Oh, shut it." He pulled himself up and cupped his hand to his normally striking-green eyes. One of them was normal, but the other one was closed tightly.

Sylvia looked at it. "It should be fine. It won't be a black eye."

"It better not be! I have soccer pictures tomorrow!" he howled.

"Boo-hoo. Girls might not swoon when they see you," I replied.

"Uh, swooning? How about no," claimed Sylvia.

I rolled my eyes. "Come on. Let's play!"

We ran into the rain and the forest across the street.

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