Haha, you see this is what happens when I try to donate blood XD

Chapter 1

by: Luxray100
So there was a blood drive at my school today and I decided to donate blood. I got to the way overcrowded blood bus and sat at the front (back of the line) next to my friend Kaylaen and joked around. About 20 minutes later a nurse hands me a form to fill out. Which took about 5 minutes to fill out.

Once I finished filling it out I waited another 40 minutes. The nurse finally came up to me and had me go into the closet sized room to answer some questions about my questions like why I checked yes for the heart problems. After the questions it started getting funny.

She pricked my finger to get a blood sample but no blood came out. They had to squeeze it to get anthing to come out. he when they tried to chack my pulse they couldn't find i. It took them twotries before they found it. And they only got 8. Then they tried to chack my blood ressure. It took them 3 tries before they could even geta eading. 88/60 (The normal being 110\60). During this whole think the nurses had to keep calling eachother for help.

In the end I couldn't donate blood because my "blood pressure was too low." Haha,well at least I know I still have somwhat of pulse XD


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