Sparks, Breeze, Puddles, Soil

Chapter 1

How it all began....

by: Jazima
I was walking through the bazaar of Yuo Dao, a colony city. She smelt the sea air and inwardly blessed the Avatar for earthbending the city over to the sea. It was a hot summer day in the colonies, and I walked past the tea shops, just listening to the sounds of the ships coming in, ppl chattering and arguing over prices, and the scent of frying meat floating through the air, the hot sun beating down on the ppls heads...

I bumped into someone, and took the chance to take their coin purse, grinning cheekily as I did so.

"HEY! WATCH IT!" said the buff man, looking incredibly stupid as he did so.

I smiled at him, and held up the purse. "You should've been watching this!"

The man's cheeks turned red, and he started to chase after me, looking like a lumbering ox as he did. Laughing, I ducked underneath people, stalls, and turned into a side alley, my little grass fringe shirt fluttering as I turned.

"OOF!" I bumped into someone, a girl.

"Hey!" she exclaimed, "Aren't you the little beggar?"

I grinned, "No the - yeees, the beggar, and you are?"


I gasp. "Oh thats a pretty name." My fingers itch to take the ivory comb in her hair, studded with pink quartz, but something stops me...

"HEY!" I gasp, and turn, my eyes narrowing.


I turn to Sarafina. "Follow me and run."

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