I think this is my third or fourth rant on this subject, but now that I know more and am more open about how personal it is for me, I feel I can do it more effectively.

Chapter 1


Now, let's get one thing out of the way before I start: I don't think anyone should have an opinion on the right or wrongness of being LGBT(etc.). It's like having an opinion on the right or wrongness of having brown hair. There is no logical argument against this, and I know several people who agree with me.

Now that that part's out of the way, I must say one thing that I've seen on Instagram, and that I agree with completely: Straight marriage and gay marriage are like bikini tops and bras. Exactly the same thing, yet only one is acceptable in public. It's terrible how true that is. Why is it true? There's no reason to ban the marriage of two people who love each other because of their genders. It's like when they banned the marriage of interracial couples. People understand it now. So please, don't say that LGBT(etc.) couples don't deserve the same rights. They're not yours to give to them. To us. So why do you think they're yours to take from us? There is no sense in that. I'm bi, and if, in the future, I want to marry a woman, I should have the right to do so.

A lot of people will use the bible excuse. But here's something I've seen: in the bible, it says to stone r*pe victims if no one heard them scream. That's not right. Not everything in the bible is right, and you can't just pick out of it which rules you want to use. Plus, not everyone believes in the bible, so it shouldn't be used in making laws anyway. I'm gonna use another commonly used simile: Saying that someone else's marriage "offends you" is like getting mad at someone for eating a donut when you're on a diet. It makes no logical sense.

How can you think that you're right in saying we're wrong? We can't help who we like any more than you can. Do you think we choose to be mocked and made fun of? Do you think we enjoy it? Why would anyone choose to be treated the way we are? Think about that for a moment. And now, put yourself in our shoes. If you were LGBT(etc.), would you choose to be hated for it? Would you like being treated this way? No. So don't treat us this way and say its a choice. Don't act like you're better just because you're straight. Doing that doesn't make you or us or anyone any better, it just makes things worse. I can't come out to most people I know in real life, because I live in the Bible Belt, and I don't want to be judged for it. I'm harassed enough as it is.

I hope this gave you something to think about.


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