Sadie Brown's Story (Contest Submission)- Finished

This is based of a fairytale. Can you guess what?

Chapter 4

Pushed to the Edge

I slept at Pierce's house. I, a teenage girl, slept in the room of a teenage boy with whom I found attractive and may have had a crush on. Just remember: I had three broken ribs and a very badly bruised abdomen, plus a twisted ankle from my escape.

The next day Izabel came to his house. Pierce hadn't told his parent about me; they never talk anyway. Pierce's family is extremely wealthy, but they worked non stop. I don't think his parents slept at all when I was over.

"Oh, Mrs. Brown," Pierce's beautiful mother answered the door. This was rare; she just so happened to be getting coffee.

"Good morning, Mrs. Brandwein. Please, call me Izabel."

"Of course. You are such a delight, Izabel. What is it you desire?" Can you believe people thought Izabel was a delight? Yes, she maintained a perfect reputation for herself.

"Well, my daughter, Sadie, disappeared last night. Maybe she came here? Pierce and her had quite some fun at the party two days ago."

"I'm so sorry! I'm sure she'll turn up. You know teenagers. But I am fairly certain that Sadie did not come her last night."

I was panicking. As this conversation happened, I was trying to get up as Pierce looked for a hiding place.

Izabel somehow knew I was there. Maybe I left a trail..? "Oh, you're probably right. I just- I can't- she didn't say anything. Her and I are so close-" I actually laughed. "- and I can't bear to think I missed her somewhere."

Mrs. Brandwein needed to get back to work and she easily fell under Izabel's charm. "For peace of mind, you can check. Come in."

"Thank you oh so much!"

I heard Izabel's shoes climb up the marble stairs to Pierce's room. The shoes that had the potential to create another scar or broken bone if I was found. I screamed inwardly.

"Here!" Pierce called from his closet, quietly. I hobbled over as fast as I could, biting my tongue in pain. Pierce had a trapdoor filled with books that he was shoving out and under his huge bed. I squeezed in, letting out a yelp. "Sorry!" Pierce whispered, closing the door. My ribs screamed and tears came down my cheek again in fear as well as pain.

I'm only sixteen, I thought feebly. Why does this happen?

Izabel stomped into the room. "Pierce, darling!" She called, friendly. Then she shut the door and ran up to Pierce, who was looking very innocent on his laptop in bed. I watched this all through a tiny crack in the trapdoor and his open closet doors (to draw away suspicion).

"Listen here, you little weasel. I may not be able to hurt you, but I can do better. I have the power to ruin you. Now hand her over and end your cute little teenage escapade. Because when I get involved, it is not cute," growled Izabel. Pierce just looked confused yet slightly defiant at the same time.

"Um.. Izabel-"

"Mrs. Parlow to you." Izabel kept her maiden name.

"Right, Izabel, I have no idea what you're talking about. Can you please explain?" Pierce's eyes never darted to me, as Izabel was reading every move.

"Oh, please!" snapped Izabel. My small escape got to her; you could see it in her eyes and hear it in her voice.

"What are you talking about?! You can't just barge in here and accuse me of absurd oddities I know nothing of!"

There was a knock on the door. "Is everything all right?" asked the gruff voice of Pierce's father.

"Father, Izabel-"

"Mrs. Parlow," Izabel whispered. Her image could be ruined I thought happily.

"-has ran into my room, yelled at me, and threatened me. Please remove her from the premises."

"Oh, Izabel is just calming herself! Checking for her daughter, you see!" called up Mrs. Brandwein.

"I believe Mrs. Parlow has done enough searching in there," persisted Mr. Brandwein. I silently thanked him.

Izabel called back "Of course! I am terribly sorry, Sadies absence has lead to.." her voice faded as she left the room. I stayed in of another 5 minuted to be safe, then I squeezed out of my hiding-hole.

"Ow," I squeaked.

"Oh my Lord," said Pierce. "I almost killed you."

"More like saved me. You were amazing." I tried to sound enthusiastic but I just sounded fatigued. I was. "Have you considered acting?"

"Haha-no. Anyways, you need serious care. Let me call Franklin.."


"Relax, he is extremely loyal to me. He is the only one who knows of my secrets, and he is a wonderful healer. I have never needed that expertise before, but now it is perfect."

I relaxed slightly into a chair. "Okay.." I agreed, reluctant.

Pierce headed out to fetch this Franklin and I squeezed my eyelids shut. Please be over, I thought. Or better yet, come home, Pa!

The door opened slowly. "Franklin? Pierce?" I asked. I saw a grey leather boot.
"No!" I called, forgetting Pierce's parents.

"Sweetie, dear. What happened? Oh, you are hurt! Come home!" Izabel called. I shrunk in my chair, wishing for courage, and she gave me this look. It said 'play-along-or-bad-things-will-happen'.

I stifled a scream and hobbled toward Izabel. Pierce was at the doorway and I saw the panic in his eyes. I shot him a quick loo. It said not to give anything away, and to give up. Izabel scooped me up with strange strength, and it hurt badly. But I pretended to be asleep for lack of idea of how to act.

Izabel carried me past the faces of the shocked Brandweins and out of the house. She carried me down the street, bouncing me to cause me anguish. It worked. I barely held together.

"Oh, you are in for a treat tonight!" said Izabel, sounding very pleasant, but making a terrifying threat.

I closed my eyes, and again wished for death. I'm sorry, Pa. I can't do this.

I heard his voice. "Sadie? What has happened to my angel?" I sighed wishfully.

"Stuart! You weren't supposed to come home for another month!" Wait.. Izabel heard that?

"Aren't you happy, honey? But what has happened to Sadie?"

Pa is home!

"She fell down the stairs then in a drug-induced run went to the Brandweins' house. I found her in time, though, sweetie."

"Esmeralda?" called Pa, "Come attend to Sadie's injuries!"

"Oh, I fired that stealing crow."

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