Sadie Brown's Story (Contest Submission)- Finished

This is based of a fairytale. Can you guess what?

Chapter 3

Broken Bones

Spots jumped across my vision as I fell to the floor. This time, I didn't have the strength to get up again. The beating I was one of the worst ones I had ever taken. I could no longer discern the pain from one place to another. I just hurt everywhere.

"The Brandwein boy! I swear, you live just to wrong me!" Izabel screamed. Something had happened; she was angrier than usual. The Pierce thing, I knew, was just an excuse to justify herself. While she may be upset about that, I was certain that something important had happened. Even in my pain, a spark of hope came. Pa may come home! I thought, then winced at a kick. Izabel reared back her foot, and I braced myself for another blow. The next one was stronger than I though possible, and I flew into the wall. I heard a crack and I screamed.


"THEN DON'T KILL ME!" I roared back, against the pain of my likely-broken ribs.

Instead of guilt like in the books or movies, Izabel was encompassed in rage that made her former fit seem like a child's tantrum.

I passed out after her third kick. I came to less than 10 minutes later, luckily to find Izabel gone. My ears still rang from her screams and mine, and I wondered how nobody heard us. Help me.. I pleaded to nothing. I hoped Esmeralda would show up, but she didn't come. Izabel, I thought, hate burning worse than my body.

I tried to roll over and threw up. I had never experienced pain such as what I was going though ever before. After twenty minutes of agony and struggle, I was leaning against the wall, covered in sweat. I almost blacked out twice, and I had fallen into the puddle of vomit. But I made it. I made my way, a little easier now that I was standing, to the window. Luckily, I had been in the sitting room when Izabel attacked me. That was on the floor story so I could leave through the window. I was hit by a stronger wave of pain as I was half out, and I fell to the ground. I was in so much pain I couldn't even let out a sob or a a scream. My lungs felt constricted and I couldn't breath.

Am I going to die? I thought. It can't be. This is pathetic. Here lies Sadie Brown, who died in the petunias after breaking her ribs and possibly more. She could not go on after falling a foot. No.

I closed my eyes and felt a small surge of energy. Just a bit, but I took the moment and pulled myself up. Hermione would keep going, I thought. Tris was shot, she did. Annabeth broke her ankle and still completed her quest. Katniss' skin was burnt off. The Lorien's were tortured. They all won.

With that, I kept going. I actually made it down the street, where I collapsed into the beautiful lawn of Pierce's house. Next to the sparkling fountain I lay, listening to the water. I hate you, Izabel, I thought before darkness consumed me.

I woke up in a comfy bed. I groaned and a tear rolled down my cheek. I wished I was dead. The pain seemed worse.

"Dead seems a bit like an overreaction. It's just a few broken bones," said a wonderful voice.

"You.. heard me?"

Pierce laughed. "That's what you ask? But yes, you mumbled it a lot."

I was suddenly embarrassed and terrified as well as in pain. "You should be asking the questions."

Pierce's face was visible, and very concerned. "I always thought something was going on. I saw a cut under your makeup, but this.."

"Pierce. Keep this quiet."

"How can I?"

"Because I don't know what she'll do to me if anyone knows," I whispered.

There was a long period of silence. "Fine," he finally sighed. "But stay here for a bit."

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