Sadie Brown's Story (Contest Submission)- Finished

This is based of a fairytale. Can you guess what?

Chapter 2

Stupid Parties

I winced as Esmeralda smeared some make up onto my face.

"So sorry, Miss!" she said.

I shook my head. "It's fine, Esmeralda. Please, please, call me Sadie."

"Yes, Miss Brown."

I laughed slightly, and Esmeralda smiled. She continued to put makeup on my cheek, covering the healing scratch left by Izabel's heel.

After she had finished applying the light foundation, she pulled out lipstick and blush and all sorts of makeup from a box next to the mirror. My nose wrinkled.

"No, thanks, Esmeralda," I said. Esmeralda bit her lip and looked at the makeup, then at me. I liked Esmeralda a lot; she was kind and the only person who knew about Izabel's abuse. The other servants and maids just hear her yelling, but since Esmeralda was my personal attendant, she saw everything. I hated putting her the position of choosing between her employer and her mistress. Her employer was more important, but she really liked her mistress, which was me. But I had to do it to her. I had to have a tiny rebellion against Izabel.

"Yes, Sadie."

I smiled widely. I get my little victory. I'll probably pay for it later, I thought, but it will be worth it.

Before I knew it, I was looking in the mirror at my dress. It was a deep blue that hugged my waist and flowed at the back. It had a soothing yellow waistband and trim. The sleeveless gown had a low neckline, and was unlike anything I had worn to Izabel's stupid parties.

"Oh, my, you look like a woman now!" said Esmeralda. Then she added, "Miss."

A woman.. what's Izabel trying to say? Izabel always picked my outfits, otherwise I would convince the staff that it was a jeans-and-t-shirt party. I chuckled slightly, remembering that. Then I touched the scar covering my back, and the memory went from happy to terrifying.

"You ready? Guests have already arrived," Esmeralda reminded me, stepping out of the room to go attend other duties.

"Yes. Take the night off, Es."

Esmeralda smiled bigger and left. I waited a moment, then lifted my dress slightly and left the room. Gracefully, I descended the nearby staircase into the ballroom. A few people looked up and pointed at me, whispering. I was a wonderful source of gossip in the neighborhood for many reasons. First, I was the daughter of the wealthiest man in the state. Also, my rebellious nature and tomboyishness was contrary to the other daughters of the wealthy. To add to that, I was only ever seen at parties, which happened about every month. Some of the things I heard were absurd.

"I heard that Sadie Brown is secretly a boy, but her father thinks it is more politically appropriate to have a daughter, so they dress him up," was my favorite.

I reached the bottom of the staircase and immediately headed for the bar.

"One Shirley Temple, please, Tom," I said to the bartender, who had it already made for me. I winked at him, took the drink, and headed to the corner for another night of watching people flirt and try to look sophisticated while bored out of my mind.

As I sat down, already wishing the evening was over, I heard a mellifluous voice speak to me.

"May I just say, Ms. Brown, you look spectacular," said the honey-like voice.

I sighed inwardly. Why can't you people leave me alone? "Why, thank you, sir."

Only after I spoke I turned to look at the voice. My heart stopped as I looked at him. "Uh.. Mr. Brandwein."

Piece smiled. I almost swooned.

Swooning? Really?

"It's been quite some time, Sadie," he said. My imagination didn't have the right voice for him. It was perfect, although he was only fourteen. No, my imagination pictured him normal. He was.. spectacular.

"It certainly has, Pierce. How's life?"

"How's life?" He repeated, mocking me with a good natured grin.

"Well, one get's social awkward when the only people she ever speaks to are her staff and her stepmother," I replied. Things were instantly normal, like we had been best friends forever. But there was something.. more.

Is this a crush? I thought.

"I would know. Homeschool sucks."


"I'm homeschooled as well."

My mouth dropped. "It really has been some time."

Pierce was suddenly that much better. His eyes sparkled. "That may be so, but you still have those ravishing good looks."

I blushed like crazy. What is happening to me? I opened my mouth to say something, but then another girl walked up. Ugh, Sylvia Palamey. While she interrupted me, I was slightly glad. I may have blurt something like, 'Me? No, you are hot,' or something like that.

"Hey Pierce! Wanna dance, sexy?"

This is teenager interaction? Ick.

"No thanks, Sylvia, I was just about to go with Sadie," Pierce replied, just as taken aback by Sylvia's audacity as I was. Without asking me, he grabbed my hand and led me to the dance floor. People were shuffling close together, as it was a slow song playing. Pierce pulled me to his chest, and my eyes bulged.

"Do you get that a lot?" I asked, looking back at the very sour Sylvia.

Pierce looked upset. "Yes," he sighed. "I haven't a clue why."

"It's because you are very attractive," I said. Then, realizing my words, I flushed.

Pierce just looked at me, his side grin activated. "Thanks," he said. I let out a nervous laugh.

That's pretty much how the night went. Pierce was perfect. He was so similar to me, and I was just comfortable around him. We danced and talked and laughed. By the time he left, I completely forgot the sting of my check, the ache of my bruises, and the emotional pain of my everyday life. I felt human. I felt loved.

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