Sadie Brown's Story (Contest Submission)- Finished

This is based of a fairytale. Can you guess what?

Chapter 14

Only the Beginning

We just talked and joked and laughed for a few hours. The guys recounted old tales, and Pierce and I swapped stories about what had been happening since we last saw each other. Mine was a bit more interesting, if I do say so myself.

And in an instant, it hit me. Sean was in the middle of his story about his meeting three days ago with his boss, in which he jumped out the window (it was on the bottom floor) because someone tipped the boss about his ploy to defeat Izabel. And all of a sudden, I realized it. That life is like a story, and my great adventure just ended.

"It's over." I said. No one got it, but somehow Pierce did. He held my hand tight, then suddenly leaned forward and kissed me. The guys looked away, making mimicking or awkward noises, and I knew Nielson was biting his tongue. He did that.

When Pierce pulled away, my heart fluttering, he whispered, "But it's only just begun."

The End

Thank you guys so much for reading! I hope you enjoyed the story. Please rate and/or comment, this is for a contest and that's how I would win! Thank you again.

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