Sadie Brown's Story (Contest Submission)- Finished

This is based of a fairytale. Can you guess what?

Chapter 12

Burnt Pie and Cheesy Solutions

I opened my eyes and couldn't see anything. I only saw brilliant whet, a perfect contrast to that black that was all I had earlier.

My eyes focused to the gorgeous ones of Pierce Brandwein. "Oh, my God. Oh, my God! Guys, she's awake. Holy mother of.. oh my goodness." A rib-cracking hug followed. "Sadie Brown, your almost-death nearly killed me."

Nielson's was the next face that followed. "Sadie! Brownie, it's been three days."

"Brownie?" asked Pierce. His relief was still evident, but there was a strange new thing on his face.. one that I later found as jealousy.

Nielson crossed his arms. "That's my nickname for her, in the past month she's been here and you've been.. huh. I don't know."

"Guys!" I interjected. they ignored me.

"I thought she was dead."

"And those posters around town?"

Good point, I thought, looking at Pierce. I honestly didn't understand what was going on then, except that Nielson was not being really nice for once. I noticed his jaw was set; huh, I never saw how nice and strong that jaw was.

"A ploy from Izabel."

Nielson opened his mouth to retort, but then let out a massive sneeze. I cringed, preparing for Pierce to attack the awful allergies, but instead his face softened.

"I'm sorry, man. You're right. I wanted to do more, but I don't know.." Pierce trailed off and looked at me, his gaze gentle and sending shivers down my spine. I'm not going to lie, Pierce was totally handsome and I was lost in it.

Nielson cleared his throat and stood up straighter. He was actually taller than Pierce, despite being two years younger. "We're cool. I um.. have to go." He ducked away.

"He was being weird. What happened?" I asked. Before I could get an answer, the door burst opened and all the guys flooded in, except for Niel.

"Sadie! You look divine! I'm so happy you're okay!"

"You almost-" yawn "-gave me a heart attack!"

"Don't do that!"


Then Sean. "Well, I have to admit the solution was a bit cheesy, and I can't quite figure it out, but everything turned out okay."

I was a bit baffled, considering i had just woken up after three days to confusion in a coffin to a fight between my best friends, but I managed to complete a sentence. "Did you eat the pie?"

"What pie?" asked Beu. "I love pie. Aw, that's so sweet, Sadie!"

"I didn't see or eat a pie. The only thing I had was a soda."

"That's weird, we don't keep sodas-"

"Not now! Agh!" I called, cutting off that fascinating conversation. I jumped up, cringing at my stiff, barely movable body, and limped at a medium pace to the kitchen. I looked around frantically, and finally found the pie in the oven, burned to a crisp.

"Oh, that. Yeah, we got home and it was like that. We turned off the oven, and Bob was supposed to clean it out." Sean said, cutting a look to Bob, who shrugged and collapsed on the closest sofa.

I sat right next to him. "Good. Now, what was that cheesy solution? What woke me up? Because I was poisoned and I don't know how I'm alive."

I saw a figure shift at the doorway. Nielson had just ducked away.

What is with him?

Pierce was blushing and staring intendedly at his shoes. Everyone looked awkward, including the now more-alert Bob. "Um.. I kinda kissed you," mumbled Pierce eventually.

I was taken aback for a minute. I never really thought it was a joke due to the reactions, but I considered it for a millisecond. Then I grinned and chuckled. "Like in the stories? The princess movies? Like Snow White? Am I going to become a princess now?" I laughed a lot, giddy at being alive and probably very excited that Pierce kissed me. Pierce took it the wrong way and tried to explain himself.

"I was.. I thought you were dead! And I, um, wanted to say goodbye properly.. and so I just kinda.. it wasn't much! Just like a lip brush-"

"Ugh, stop there." It was Nielson. I jumped up, fast as I could with my stiffness, and hugged him.

'I'm alive!" I cheered.

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