Sadie Brown's Story (Contest Submission)- Finished

This is based of a fairytale. Can you guess what?

Chapter 1

My Own Little Room

"You worthless, stupid girl! Leave me now before I do something rash!"

Her words swam through my head as I lay, completely silent, in my little cot. A little bit of light filtered through the dust, from the small hole in the ceiling, landing on my forehead. It was like a beam from heaven, to take me away from this world. I closed my eyes, the light providing a bit of warmth, and imagined an angel floating from the ceiling. His face was that of Pierce Brandwein, a boy who went to my school before I was taken and homeschooled by Izabel, my horrid stepmother.

"Forget her," Pierce whispered. I could hear his voice with the wind from the open window. My eyes still closed, I imagined the poor lighting the window provided. I could just make out Pierce's face. He had a pale tone, with green eyes that were so mysterious I couldn't figure out if they were light or dark. They weren't in between- they were both. Pierce's eyes were very gentle, and he took my hand. "Come with me."

"But Pa.. ." I whispered.

And then Pa appeared. He was right behind Pierce, laughing. I had to make up the laugh because I hadn't heard it in so long.

"Baby girl, I'm right here. Come along now, hun," He said.

I smiled, eyes still closed. I sighed contentedly, and just lay there, staring at the faces of the only people I loved. Pierce didn't even know me anymore, but we had been best friends as young children. At age thirteen, that was five years ago. But I still loved Pierce. I had watched him, seen him, for years. He lived just down the street. I lived on the richest street in the city, as did Pierce. Our families were both very wealthy. The rest of the house I was in was grand and beautiful. The room I was in was my second room, where I went to get away from Izabel. It was hidden. I couldn't bring anything to it in order to keep Izabel unknowing. I just had a tiny window and a dusty, moth-eaten cot. I thought the room was once a closet of some sort, forgotten. I had no idea how the cot got there.

"You are a princess," claimed my father.

"/My/ princess," soothed Pierce. He looked wonderful, his face framed with his wavy black hair.

You worthless-

"Sadie.." Pierce was worried.

-stupid girl!

"Sadie!" Pierce called. And then he disappeared as my eyes opened from the sudden flash of light on the other side of my eyelids. As they focused in the newly bright light, I heard Izabel's voice.

Is it in my head?

"This is where you hide, like the little parasite you are. How dare you hide from me?" Izabel shrieked. I finally managed to see her face, right before she slapped mine. I fell of the cot and onto the dirty concrete floor.


My vision blurred once again, this time from the blow, I barely made out Izabel's bright red designer high heels in front of me. That's her favorite color.

"You are lucky I handle you. Anyone else would have shipped you off, where they beat you and starve you. Maybe I should consider it.."

I knew what she wanted. I no longer believed Izabel's insults; I had found some inner strength. Nonetheless, I did not like the beatings, and to help avoid them I learned her thinking. She wants me to think she is everything, that my entire existence revolves around her, and I have to show it.

"No! Please!" I say, choking a bit on the dust. Maybe I should get into acting, I thought as Izabel smiled evilly.

"Pathetic," she said, kicking me in the face lightly. For her, anyway. Her heel was sharp and cut my cheek. I stared boldly at the ground, desperately wanting to look her in the eye and show my defiance.

Is it really there? I thought. If I was so defiant, why didn't I?

The next day when I snuck to my room, it was boarded off.

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