~After The Fame~ (A One Direction Story)

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Chapter 1

Harry's Family

"Yay!" Runs around the house with her toy unicorn "Sweetheart! Daddy said not to do that cause it's really loud while I'm trying to talk." Harry shook his head "It's okay Harry. Let Hope play for a little while. We'll talk later, alright?" Ali said smiling "Alright. But she could at least be quieter. What do you think we should make for supper?" "Honey, I gotta go to that meeting tonight, remember? You're gonna have to figure that out. Um...maybe Kraft Dinner?" Smiles "That's easy. Okay, alright. Daddy is gonna get you!" Chases after Hope "You two be nice and behave while I'm gone, okay?" Warns, joking about "Relax babe. You just be careful. I'm mean, with you being pregnant and all." Grins "Daddy catch me!" Squeals "You're just so cute Hope!" Chases after her "Mommy mommy! Look at me!" Stands on a chair by the table "That's wonderful sweetheart. Okay Harry, I have to go now." Runs up and kisses her "I'll miss you!" "I'll miss you too Harry! And my little angel." Looks down at Hope then kisses Harry and heads out the door "Good-bye! Closes the door and looks at Hope "Now, what are you and Daddy going to do today, huh?" Smiles sweetly "Play hide and find me?" Giggles "Okay sweetheart! You hide and Daddy will come and find you!" 6 hours later "I don't want a bath!" Pouts, getting upset "Sweetie, Daddy has to give you a bath, because mommy said so." Trying to say it in the nicest way possible "No!" Crying "Sweet pea, Daddy doesn't want you to cry! Please don't cry. Whenever you feel like crying, remember this. Two thumbs up and a?" Smiles big hoping she'll know how to finish it "Big Daddy smile!" Smiles cutely and giggles "Um....well...it's actually and a big Harry smile, but close enough love." Smiles "Can I have a pony?" "Maybe when you're older Hope." 3 hours later "Good-night Daddy!" Yawns "Good-night sweetie." Kisses her good-night and leaves and closes the door after tucking her in "Now I just wait for my beautiful wife to come home and we'll go to bed." Smiles at the thought "I'm back!" Walks through the door with her keys jingling around a little "Hey babe!" Walks up to her and kisses her sweetly "How was the meeting?" Asks as he sits down on the couch "It was okay. But I wasn't feeling very good, so I didn't talk much." Frowns sadly and sits down on Harry's lap "My poor baby!" Kisses the top of her head "But I feel so much better now, here in your arms." Smiles "Oh really?" Grins and squeezes tight, but not too tight "I love you Harry!" Sighs dreamily "I love you too Ali!" Smiles then they both go up to bed

A/N So? What did you think? Please tell me what you think in a comment. Any suggestions for the other families? I'm loving this story and I hope you like it too! :)

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