Lost Moon

Hey so I'm writing a story obviously. This is a new story so let me know what ya think XD

Chapter 1

Introduction to me

Hi my name is Selena. My name apparently means "moon", and I was named after the Greek goddess of the moon. It suits me. Lately I've been alone and farther away from happiness than I can ever remember. I guess if you want I could tell my story, so lets start from the beginning shall we?

I was born into this world on December 11 with a happy mom and dad. When I was 2 my parents took me to the park and let my try on all my moms jewelry. I was so happy then. After a couple of years past and I turned 6 I got my first pet, a cat named Misty. She was just a little kitten and I loved her so much. Then we moved from our home to Florida in the middle of nowhere! I was so sad to leave all my friends and the life I loved. My grandma lived right down the road from us so It was easy for me to ride my bike there when I was 8.

I turned nine and we move again, this time back to our old neighborhood. It was different and all my friends didn't even remember who I was. I had a VERY good memory so I knew each one of my old friends and it was sad to watch them hangout with other people who I didn't know. Then things started to get worse at home. My dad grew ill and shortly died in the next few months. I started to grow cold on the inside. Me and my dad were close, so close it was like we were one.

My mom and I started to have fights over the smallest of things. The next thing I know people start to notice I'm not always smiling. I start handing in late work or showing up late because I was fighting with my mom again. People started to bully me and I was tiered of fighting. They didn't even know me but they still judged me. It's sad now that I think about how cruel people are to others.

My cat and I would curl up on my bed every once and a while and I would read to her. Misty loved the fantasy books because every time I would read one to her she would try to climb up on my shoulders to look at the pages.

I started to realize what life was and I hated it. Day after day I had to put up with people until, I met this guy. He was not something I expected. He didn't go to the same school and people really didn't notice him. I didn't even notice him until one day I was sitting under this tree at a park close to the school. Every week they would let us go outside to study or whatever we had to do. I always went to the park and sat under the trees and sometimes I would swing on the swings.

When he came up to me I was drawing so I didn't no anyone was near me until I heard a twig snap. I looked up with a jerk. "Hey" he said with a smile. He had brown hair and piercing blue eyes. He was kinda tall and had a nice smile. He work a black t-shirt and jeans, with a sort of leathered jacket. "Um....hi?" I replied as he walked closer to me.

"What are you doing?" He asked taking a seat beside me.
"Drawing....why?" I answered nervous he would make fun of me for drawing.
"Can I see?" He asked as he reached for my sketch book.
"I guess...."

Thats how I made a new friend. He liked to draw as well and like the same thing I did. It was different to have someone to talk to....but I liked it.

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