The Girl With No Name

Well, what can I say? I felt the need to write a poem about what happened recently. I know that it can be annoying having me rant about my love life through poetry... and I promise I'll stop, but I can't when I have so much to say. Oh, and I'll be starting a long story called Broken Melody, and this poem is based around it. Thank you! ~xx Hayley :3

Chapter 1

She Loves You. You Lost Her...

Her long hair is blowing in the wind,
her eyes are like pools of autumn's water.

The howling wind and the storm blowing at her
rattling her clothes like thin paper.

She came here to see you one last time
before you left her forever.

You never saw her properly,
you only saw what was on the outside.

Although her appearance isn't the most beautiful,
her heart shines with the radiance of kindness.

She leaves the impression of strong and tough,
but on the inside she's soft, almost fragile.

Her smile would bring warmth to the coldest places,
her love is purer than the snow of winter.

You hurt her without knowing every day
but she buries it inside so you can't see her scars.

She is fighting herself, hard, with all she can.
Why is she fighting? For you!

Your acknowledgement is her only goal.
Your encouragement is her tomorrow.

Your smile is her one and only desire.
Your love is the one thing that makes her strong.

But you, you let her down,
you turned around when she needed you most.

You broke her heart, and set it on fire,
you crushed her hopes, you blew out the light of her life.

Even when her dark hair turns to wisps of silver,
her lips will still chant your name in her sleep.

She is the gentle wind blowing by,
leaving the softest fragrance of flowers.

She is the brightest star shining in the dark,
who will only reveal her secrets when night falls.

The storm is coming, but her heart
cannot be retrieved anymore.

She has forever sunken into
the bottomless pond of love.

The flames are flickering around her,
attempting to engulf her in ash.

As she walks, flower petals are drifting down
to the ground, creating a path with her every step.

She is walking towards the dusk,
her hands clenched tight at her sides.

She believes that there is
no such word as impossible.

Her heart has already been broken into pieces
too small to be broken again.

She cannot be hurt anymore, her heart has
already been crushed until it's unrecognizable.

Go on, call her back!
You have forced her onto this road of no return.

Now only you can save her, but you only love
the girl that has forgotten about you already.

Do you not see that she is willing to
give up everything, for you?

At this moment, you have forgotten about her.
At this moment, she has gone.

by Hayley Flynn ♥


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