The Quibblo Oscars! ( Nominations )

Chapter 1

Categories and how its gunna work!

Hello my dear Quibbloians! Hopefully you all are doing well! ( I do hope so )

I present...


How its gunna work: I'm going to need a lot of support from you guys, so spread the word! There's going to one survey, with questions about the each of the categories and/or nominees. And check this out, YOU GUYS GET TO NOMINATE THE NOMINEES!! :D

I literally all depends on you guys ( other than the final survey ), I do hope you nominate people, it would mean a lot to them. In the next chapter I will put who nominated who, and then who they nominated below them. If one user is repeated, the repeated users will have a category at the bottom, like " Popular nominees " or something along those lines. You don't have to nominate someone for every category

I would rather you not nominate yourself for the categories, however certain ones there is an exception.

So anyway! HERE ARE THE CATEGORIES!!! rains confetti from the ceiling


Best Original Idea!

Best Poet!

Best Single-author Story!

Best Group Story! ( yes, you can nominate a group story that your involved in )

Best Group Story Organizer!

Friendliest User!

Most Helpful User!

Most Beautiful Soul!


Funniest STORY! ( Or quiz )

Easiest to Work With!

Best Creepypasta Killer! ( I made this specifically for 8 people, so you better vote! and no, the killers cannot vote themselves, talkin' to you Toby... )

Best fanfiction!!

Best Quiz maker! ( ranging in every quiz type )

So those are the categories, and you are the public

C'mon people, I seriously expect more of you. 78 reads ( so far ) and the comments ( at the moment ) are in the 30's!!! NOMINATE!!!


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