What Is Wrong With Me? Please Kill Me Already

Chapter 1

I Don't Know What Happened To Me

Some of you might not have noticed but I feel I am like a different person. After my brother died I feel like I changed. I don't know of you guys could tell but I'm a serious a^^hole now. I seem like I don't care about what people say. If anyone noticed, I say thank you. I don't mean to be rude or anything but I just feel like I don't have a reason to live anymore. I'm not only saying this cause my brother died but because my whole life could've gone differently if I hadn't have done some stuff.

If I didn't come with my dad on a case and just stayed with my other brother Nik, my dad would've died and I would've risked my brother's and my life. If I didn't go on a case with my dad, I would see my mum more than half an hour a day. If I didn't go that case, I would've have done things that I know I would regret.

I'm sorry if this wasted anyone's time, but I had together this out. And I'm also sorry if I've ever been an a^^hole to you too.


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