By The Sidelines (A Harry Potter Fanfic)

Lolita was a normal girl. Well, as normal as a witch can be. Born into the Pureblood family of the Sullivans, Lulu was excited to attend Hogwarts. She became even more excited when she discovered the one who had defeated He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named would be in her very year. However, despite not having a large target on her back, she still managed to get her fair share of action.
Notes: This is a fanfic. I will be doing my best to stick to canon as much as possible, if I make a mistake, sorry.

Chapter 1

All the Joys of Diagon Alley

"Can we go yet, pleeeease" A small girl called up the stairs of her house, as she bounced around, her dark brown hair bouncing as she did.
"Calm down Lolita, we just need to find that key to our vault... It must be around here somewhere" Her mother said, a bemused expression on her face as she watched her daughter run around excitedly.
"Well then, my dear, while your mother finds the key, let's go find your brother, I'm surprised he isn't bouncing around like you" Andy Sullivan knelt down to her daughters height, looking around for the sandy blonde hair that belonged to Richard, his only son. Lolita immediately started running around looking for her brother, before racing upstairs, her cheeks flushed.

"Well, she's certainly got energy." Mr. Sullivan said to no one in particular, glancing at the small path of destruction their excitable daughter had created. He started putting back the objects she had knocked over in her hurry to get upstairs, repairing some vases here and there. His wife, Carol soon appeared, triumphantly holding the key, just as Lolita called out from upstairs.

"He's up here!!! Richie, c'mon, we're going to Diagon Alley!" She shouted.

No less than ten seconds later, both children were rushing downstairs, Lolita proudly showed her younger brother to their parents, before leading them all outside to the Ministry-borrowed car that was waiting for them. They all piled in, the two children discussing excitedly what Lolita was going to buy.

"I think I'd like my wand to have a dragon Heartstring, but I'm not sure what wood I want it to be" Lulu looked up thoughtfully, and her mother looked over at the two children, before holding out her own wand.
"Well, my wand is made of Black Walnut, and I have found it surprisingly sufficient at Charms" she said, with all the airs of a Prince showing someone his jewels.
"I think a normal walnut wand would be cool" Richard said.
"You would be a walnut, you're in your books all day" Lolita joked.

It was true, little Richard was a budding bookworm, and while Lulu was content to play with her friends during the day, Richard preferred the indoor world. Their father often joked that Lulu was his favourite child, as they were very similar. Carol, in turn would say she preferred Richard, as his personality was similar to her own.

"Now you make sure you get in Hufflepuff, my dear. Your brother is bound to be to in Ravenclaw and I want some Sullivan representatives in my old house" Andy teased playfully.
"Don't worry Dad, I want to be in Hufflepuff. If you ask me, I think the only house I don't want to be in is Gryffindor." Lolita said stubbornly.
"Why, but the headmaster is from Gryffindor!" Carol put on an air of shock.
"Yes, and he's awesome, but it sounds like they're really big show offs"
"Oh, has your father been telling stories? Don't listen to them, I'm sure all the Gryffindors are lovely! Why, it's those Slytherins you have to watch out for. Never see a bigger bunch of liars." Her mother continued.
"I don't think they're all bad, people just think they are." Lolita said. She had a friend whose family were all Slytherins.

Their conversation was interrupted by their arrival at Diagon Alley. Upon entering, both children, who had been there before, hurried to the nearest store, Flourish and Blotts. Their parents headed off to Gringotts bank. They knew the owners if the store, and were confident the children would be watched.

The two amused themselves by looking at the various magical books around. Richard waved at every single picture of a person on a book, most of whom waved back. Lolita became fascinated with a particular book on Transfiguration.

"Oi, Richard, look! This book says it has all sorts of tips on Transfiguration!" Lolita says, her brown eyes widening. She had inherited her fathers looks, while her brother had gotten their mothers blonde locks and blue eyes. Richard obediently trotted up to Lulu, waving goodbye to a wizard in a poster, who looked sad to see him go. She took the large book off the shelf, and started flipping through the pages. Richard soon got bored and looked at other books. The owner of the shop watched them amuse themselves until Mr and Mrs. Sullivan came back.

"Alright Lolly, now we can buy your schoolbooks!" Her father said, and Lolita ran up to him, and showed him the book.
"Buy this? Oh my dear, it seems a bit expensive..." He said, looking at the price tag.
"I'm sorry, we've only got enough to buy all your things, and I thought you wanted a cat." He continued, reminding the young girl of how she had raved all summer about a cat. Remembering, she promptly put the book back and instead looked for the books on her list.

After Flourish and Blotts, the small party wandered from shop to shop, saving the best two for last. They were just about to go into Eeylops Owl Emporium when Carol noticed some friends.

"Arthur! Molly! Ah, so this is Ron's first year? Are you excited?" She walked up to the small group of redheads.

Lolita and Richard were familiar with the Weasleys. The two, and their father followed Carol and started talking. Among the Weasleys, their youngest son Ron was already holding some new robes, parchment and quills. Their daughter Ginny was holding two spell books, the twins Fred and George were carrying odds and ends, and the eldest of the Weasley boys present, Percy was proudly holding a owl.

"His names Hermes" He announced, looking very pleased.
"More like Bore-mes" Fred said, and the twins sniggered while a Percy shot them a glare.

"Oh Ron, I forgot it was your first year too!"
"Yeah, but about three quarters of my stuff is second hand. Do you get your own wand?" He asked, sighing.
"Yeah, I am." Lolita said proudly.
"Lucky, I have to use Charlie's old one. Dad reckons it won't work as well as it did for him, but Mum says we can't afford to buy me a new one. Oh well" Ron shrugged, and Lolita gave him a reassuring look.
"Well then Molly, see you at the platform!" Lulu's mother called, and the Sullivan's continued their journey to the Emporium.

Both children gasped with delight as they entered the shop, for there were animals of all shapes and sizes. Owls watched the family curiously, and many of the cats stopped their preening to take a glance at the customers. The owner of the shop, Mr. Flitchen was helping another customer with a tawny owl that appeared to have some feathers a bright blue colour.

Richard looked longingly at all the owls in the shop, while Lolita hurried towards the cats, most of which looked at her once before ignoring her. A few seemed to realise she was here to buy one of them, and promptly began to show off, strutting proudly back and forth. Lolita watched the procession happily, before her parents showed up with Mr. Flitchen

"Ah, so you wish to buy a cat? There are plenty here, feel free to take your pick." He said, gesturing towards the cats, most of whom perked up, having finally realised the girl staring at them was a customer.

"What about that one?" Lolita pointed to a small Siamese cat that was looking at Lolita with an intense curiosity.
"Ah, that's a very fine animal. Siamese cats are very loyal you know. That one there is a bit small, but I think she would suit you well." Mr. Flitchen seemed very proud of his animals.
"I like her. Can I get her?" Lolita looked at her parents.
"Yes, how much is she?" Her mother said, happily.
"Ah, Siamese are usually eleven galleons, but I've marked this one down to ten. Most people don't buy the small cats like these."

Lolita's father counted out the money while she picked up her new cat. It looked once at the other cats with a look that could only be described as 'haha'.

"I'm going to call you Ari" Lolita announced, hugging Ari tightly, who purred.
"Fine choice" Mr. Flitchen said. He waved the family goodbye as they headed to Ollivanders, the last stop for Diagon alley.

"Ah, Mr. Sullivan! I see that little Lolita is starting her first year?" She nodded profusely.
"Well then, let's get down to work! You may want to put down your cat. Is your ward arm your left or right?" Mr. Ollivander got out some boxes with wands in them.
"My wand arm is left!"
"Ah, a leftie? That's nice... Here, try this one. Maple, Unicorn hair, ten inches, brittle" He handed Lolita a wand, who twirled it around.
"No, that won't do. Here. Beech, phoenix feather, eleven and a half, surprisingly swishy" He handed her another wand, discarding the first.

A good thirty minutes later, and about fifty wands, Ollivander seemed pleased with the wand he had given Lolita, who was twirling it around in circles.

"Yes, yes, sycamore, dragon Heartstring, eleven inches, slightly yielding. Very nice. Be warned, sycamore have a tendency to burst into flames if doing 'boring spells' too often" Ollivander began packing up the rest of the wands.
"Don't worry, I'm sure Lolita will most likely not be sticking to the same spell for too long" Mr. Sullivan assured him. Lolita looked mighty proud of her new wand, and let Ari sniff it. Then the family headed home, and Lolita went upstairs to start packing her things, for when she would leave for Hogwarts, in just a week.

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