Pure, Innocent, Alone (An Ouran High School Host Club Group Story)

All these three teenagers have known is the rich life. They never expected to have anything to do with their broken pasts, until now.

Chapter 1


by: Pierced_
Authors: Myself, ArtyFowl85, and dreamergirl.

Name: Rei Ootori
Nickname(s): N/A
Name Meaning: Rei can mean "bell"; "nothing, zero"; "lovely"; or "spirit."
Age: 15
Birthday: April 8th
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: Japanese
Appearance: Rei is a petite girl that stands at 5' 2". She has straight mid-back length black hair and bangs that are parted in the center of her forehead. Her large eyes are a very deep blue with flecks of green and lighter blue. Her nose is small, as well as her smile. Her skin is smooth and pale, but not flawless. She has a few scars on her back from her past, most likely caused by a whip. Despite being so petite, she is rather full figured yet slender. Because of her height, Rei is feels slightly insecure and powerless.
Personality: Rei is a shy, quiet girl that keeps to herself when she is without her brother or the host club. But she isn't socially awkward, she just doesn't talk a lot. In addition, she is creative, kind, determined, intelligent, calm, honest, and "goes with the flow." However, she is rarely seen without her brother Kyoya and sometimes is a little too reliant on him. She only does this because she trusts him a lot, and is afraid that someone will hurt her. Also, she is extremely sensitive to other's anger or sadness. If someone were to raise their voice at her, she would most likely cry. Overall though, she is a sweet girl who needs someone who understands her and makes her feel secure.
Family: Rei's first family involved her father, an elder brother, and a baby sister. She can't place their names though. Her current family is Mr. and Mrs. Ootori, Kyoya, and his siblings, though Kyoya's siblings aren't too fond of Rei.
Back story: Her bad memories started at the age of seven. She believes her mother had passed away from cancer. After that, her father began drinking heavily, not caring about his children. He would blame Rei and her siblings for the death of their mother, but especially her elder brother. Her elder brother finally snapped three years later, and started to take all his anger out on Rei and her younger sister. Then, after two months had passed, Rei's younger sister ran away, not intending to come back. The abuse got worse on Rei, so she followed in her sister's footsteps and ran away, until the Ootori family found her and decided to take her in.
Talents/Gifts: Rei has a one in a million talent for music. She can play six instruments beautifully: violin, cello, piano, guitar, flute, and clarinet. When she sings, it seems like such a voice would only come from an angel.
Love Interest: Hikaru Hitachiin
Other: Whenever Rei is upset, she always has the impulse to play music or sing, and that gets her mind off of life. Only the host club knows her secret: she is not biologically Kyoya's sister.

Name: Micah Morinozuka
Nicknames: Mikey
Name Meaning: Poor, humble
Age: 14
Birthday: December 17th
Gender: Gender fluid.. whether boy or girl depends on what Mikey wants to be at the moment.
Ethnicity: American
Appearance: Curly blonde hair with dyed lavender streaks, brown eyes, short: 5' 1" (and a half, as Mikey constantly reminds everyone), scrawny and kind of weak, pale, freckles.
Personality: Individual, reserved, serious, stubborn, independent, quiet, loyal
Family: Mikey's original family was only a mother, and a little brother named Elijah, who he loves a lot. Now he lives with Mori's family.
Back story: Mikey's family life was not the best. Mikey's mother had frequent.. um, visitors in the house, and Mikey and Elijah soon became accustomed to seeing strange men at home. Mikey identified as gender fluid from a young age, and was ridiculed by his mother for it. After a while, Mikey and Elijah were taken away and put in an orphanage. Mikey was adopted by the Morinozuka family, but unfortunately Elijah had already been adopted a week earlier. However, Mikey still stays in contact through letters and occasional visits.
Talents/Gifts: Mikey is an amazing writer, and has published many short stories in local newspapers and online contests.
Love Interest: Tamaki, but unfortunately Tamaki is entirely oblivious.
Other: When feeling upset or troubled, Mikey will pretend to be somebody else, who lives in a different world and has different troubles.

Name: Aki Hitachiin
Nickname(s): N/A
Name Meaning: Bright autumn
Age: 15 turning 16
Birthday: March 22
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: American-Italian
Appearance: Fair to tan skin; Bright green eyes; She has a scar that goes from right above he right eyebrow, over her eye lid, and to the corner of her mouth, Long dirty blonde hair, 5 ft 7; more scrawny than skinny, more flat than curvy
Personality: Loyal as a dog, Stubborn, can be clingy, Smart, Does almost anything she's asked, over grateful for some things, is shy in the love department
Family: Her first family was just her and her dad. Her mom ran out on them because of her abusive husband. Her second family is the Hitachiins.
Backstory: Her dad was sadistic, and beat Aki even when he was sober. When she got her scar, he had cut her with a ring. He thought it looked cool and made her thank him for it. After that he made thank him for almost everything, a habit she still carries. She was naïve, and still loved her father an stuck by his side, until one day he hit her in public. He was drunk and after hitting her, went off about how he didn't want her. He then told her if she wanted to go home that she had to thank him again, but for once she didn't. He hit her again, and left. Kaoru and Hikaru came over to her, having seen the end of it. After that the Hitachiin family took her in. She looks at the twins her older siblings, even though she is older.
Talents/Gifts: She is even smarter than Kyoya, but she hates overdoing people and pretends that she isn't
Love Interest: Kyoya,( but again she is shy and would have trouble ever even thinking of telling him)
Other: Every so often she'll get a boost of confidence and she'll act bold, proud, and outgoing. Usually when her brothers let her in on a prank.

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