The daily life of Masky, Hoody and Toby

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

by: _Masky
I walk into the 'meeting' room, ready to discuss my next genius plan to lure children into the woods for Master.
"Alright. I have a new plan today, everyone here?" I said. Hoody nodded. Toby wasn't there. Damn him. Always late. Who needs him anyway?
"Looks like Toby isn't here. As always, we will continue on without him." I walk over to Hoody, who was clutching his video camera. "Hoody, as always, just do your thing. Carry your camera as footage and help only when you feel you need to. Okay?"
"Okay." He said.
"Now-" I begin before the door busts open.
"Haha! Sorry I'm late Masky! " Toby basically yelled.
"Toby," I said with a sigh. "Yet again, your late. I thought I told you to be on time."
"Hey Masky! Masky!" he said, completely ignoring my comment.
"What." I replied irritably.
"How are we going to get kids today? Huh? Huh? Tell me Masky! Tell me!"
"I was just getting to that when you barged in. Imbecile." I muttered.
"Hoody! Hey Hoody! Good moooorrrrnnning!" Hoody just stared.
"Ignore him please Hoody." He nodded.
"As I was saying. There is an elementary school right in front of the woods. This place has lots of kids. When they go out to get fresh air-"
"You mean recess?! Boy, I remember when I had recess! It was so much fun! I didn't have anyone to play with...then I got home-schooled but I still had recess!"
"Toby! Can you shut up for once in your life?"
"I sure can Masky! But whhhhyyy would I listen to you? Your not the Boss you know! So you can't tell me wh-what to do!"
I sigh.
"As. I. Was. Saying. When they go outside for fresh air-"
"Recess, I'll lure a little kid out of the fence and towards to woods. There, Hoody will continue to video tape from behind or above. Which ever, and you, Toby, will lead her to this base. Understood?"
"Yep." Hoody said.
"That doesn't sound like fun at all! Can we use my hatchet? Please? Hatchets are fun! Fun, fun, fun!"
"No Toby. We are going by MY plan to make Master happy. Now, lets go. It's time."


"That one. Everyone ready? I've found a girl." I said. We were waiting at the edge of the forest.
"Hey! Hey girl! Come here! Follow me! Please? Come on! quick!" Toby yelled.
"Toby! No-don't-" the girl screamed. Every kid at the playground turned their heads.
"Damn. Hide!" I said pulling Toby back.
"Awwww, but she was going to follow me! Let me go! Maaaaaasky!"
"Be quiet you idiot! You've yet again ruined the plan!" I said, trying to calm myself. "Let's head back. We're done for now."

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