Anyone up for a Group Story?? AUTHORS CHOSEN!

Chapter 1



One in a million, they say. Every once in a while there will be a child born with special issues, but this time it's serious. These children are born with special powers, ones that are minor at first and just a part of their lives, but as they grow they become more powerful and their powers start to become out of control. These powers cause the kids to have social issues, whether it is taking out their power on others or being incredibly shy in fear of hurting them, but it stops them from being normal kids. These kids are extremely picked on, and they have to live with the fact that if they ever used their powers on others people could find out and try to abuse them.

So, this will pretty much go along the storyline of four teenagers who go to a normal, pretty messed-up school where everybody is either violent, a pickpocket, a hooker or something like that, but it's the best school they can get into in the run-down city of Pierreson, Quebec. The teens will eventually be found out, most likely, or something (probably extraterrestrial) will attack, and they'll need to train to use their powers.

1. Alright, if you're really stuck on having straight relationships, we'll need two guys and a girl. Otherwise, all boys, all girls, I don't care because I support any kind of relationship. My character can certainly be lesbian and I can promise you that if I choose two girls and one guy it's because I plan on having my character be lesbian with one of the girls. Either way, I want the four characters to have a relationship with one of the other three characters.
2. No leather jackets. Just... No. Not for this story. TO MAnY LEATHER JACkETS.
3. Unique characters! I don't really want dramatically rebellious characters in this story, since it will mainly be them being bullied and such during the beginning/a lot of the story, but unique characters like specified flaws and fears and such. I really like in-depth characters :)
4. Unique powers! Not anything like elements, I think we'll leave that one out. Fun and creative powers, but it would be nice for the powers to have a lot of side effects/downsides.
5. No. Freaking. Perfect. Characters. If I see "beautiful" in an appearance box, I will almost certainly not accept you into the story. Characters really need to have flaws, and the same goes for saying they have perfect curves. Plus, if they're rejects, why the hell would they be beautiful? If I'm not mistaken, beautiful people with perfect bodies and faces are often not ignored and bullied.
6. In-depth characters.
7. Oh, another thing, if one or two characters maybe wanted to not know they had powers, shoot me a message if you get in, or include it in your form.
8. In-depth characters.

-Character Form-

Age: 16
Appearance: (detailed)
Style: (detailed, if possible)
Personality: (detailed)
Power: (extremely unique, please!)
Love Interest: (specify, please, if you have a strict no-homosexuality rule for your character. Love will be a rocky thing in this story)

-My Character-

Name: Alison Dva Labyrinth
Age: 16
Appearance: Well, my character is extremely complicated on account of her power, but her original appearance is very pretty in a cold way and has very pale skin and collarbone length, thick, wavy black hair and silvery-brown eyes lines with long, dark lashes. She was somewhat tall and pretty curvy, but had a cold look. That is kind of her other personality that can be realised in a time of need, but her normal look has light skin and short, neck-length, angling-downward strawberry blonde hair that looks as if it was chopped off hastily, with two longer strands in the front with two starfish pins holding them up to her hair. Her hair is fluffy and soft, but all weirdly/hastily cut in the back. She has light green eyes and a pretty, sweet face, and is a little shorter then average height and thin, with a little bit larger then flat chest and larger rump, with very nice legs and a flat stomach. She is overall a very pretty girl in both of her forms, but her normal one has a more bright feel and the other one a darker feel.
Style: Well, her other form wears a small black ski-jacket with a fluffy hood and white skinny jeans with black combat boots and black leather fingerless gloves, but her regular form wears a bandage-looking strapless sports bra that wraps around her chest but will sometimes wear a light blue-grey tank top with a blue anchor design over it, but will often take it off at random and unnecessary times. She also wears black leggings and tall brown lace-up boots. She also wears a golden necklace of a mask, which when removed turns her into Dva Labyrinth.
Personality: Well, her personality is really weird. When she's "herself", as her Alison form, she's generally a sweet and light-hearted girl, sometimes seen as ditzy at some times but usually not (she'll get more hard-hearted as the story goes along) who sticks up for herself and her friends and is very humorous. She's quite daring and isn't afraid to be herself and isn't afraid to have to be naked in front of people for any reason if needed. She's a pretty good girl in all but isn't afraid to have fun. Labyrinth, on the other hand, is cold and quiet and pretty reclusive, sullen, and extremely sensitive as most of the time she's bottled up inside Alison, causing Alison to sometimes have violent outbursts if she's angered enough, and it can cause her inner Labyrinth to shine through. God, I love this character.
Power: Two People. As you've probably noticed by now, Alison wears a necklace which conceals another person inside her soul, Dva Labyrinth. Alison is usually a very sweet girl, but before she got the necklace to conceal Labyrinth she was Labyrinth all the time, or she would switch back and forth. The bad thing about that is that Labyrinth is extremely violet and protects Alison and her friends, but it's a power because along with that she can also raise the dead if needed, but only in her Labyrinth form and it will exhaust her extremely. So, she has a violet-fighting person and can raise an army of the dead.
Love Interest: A guy or girl in the story, but beware... The relationship will be somewhat rocky on account of Alison being two people.
Family: Lives in a large, old-fashioned, Victorian-style mansion that has been passed down through generations and conceals her from others. Used to have a little sister, but she disappeared. Alison lives alone most of the time, but her father visits every so often, mother is dead, and just an old maid wanders around to keep the house in order.
Friends: Well, none, really, except for her occasional "friend" who will try to reveal the "weird thing about her", as she scares off most people with her outbursts and how she'll pretty much bite anyones head off if they try to go near her necklace.
Other: In her regular form she is known by her first name, Alison (or Ally) but in her other form she is known by her middle and last name, Dva Labyrinth, or just Labyrinth.

Please sign up! I know the form requirements are kind of complicated, but I really really love my character and what I plan on doing with her, so I really want to make this happen! This could be awesome if we can pull it off!

Other things-
Please do not sign up if you do not plan on writing
I do not have an end date determined yet
I MAY NOT PICK YOU I hope many people will sign up so I'll have a variety to choose from, but if I don't choose you it's probably nothing personal it's just me wanting to have the right characters.


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