Group Story Sign-Ups! (CHOSEN)

So, I did a survey to see if I had enough people to do a group story! Well, here it is. I was hoping to have more people, but I hope that more will be attracted to the actual sign up.

Chapter 2


Thanks to all that signed up! I feel really bad abut making cuts. All of the characters were great, I just picked those that would make a better story. Some were similar, so I picked the most different one. I need a diverse group. Please take no offense! I love you all! So.. drumroll please.

Confident_Me's Character
Name: James Ericson
Gender: male
Power: weather control
Physical features: dark chocolate brown hair with streaks of red gelled up to his left, bronze tan, bright, almost lime, green eyes, athletic build, 5'7, is 15, flashy smile
Style: thin navy blue and white striped Hollister sweater, tan bit higher than knee-length shorts, pulled up black nike socks, and either orange/teal sneakers or the padded athletic slippers
Personality: very friendly, out going, extreme risk taker, dare devil, seemingly fearless, lives life to the fullest, popular, doesn't like being told what to do, stubborn, quick temper, sarcastic, optimistic, very athletic, holds grudges, resourceful
Talents: all-star soccer player, quick on his feet and agile, his athleticism, using what's around him to make something

LeRainbowDreamer's Character
Name: Pepper Cloudjump
Gender: Female
Power: Fireproof
Physical Features: 14, long bright red hair with a pale blond streak, pale freckled skin, light blue eyes, thin and wiry, 5' 2"
Style: Cool colors, hair always down, dark green Aero hoodie, gray striped top, ripped and scorched jeans, black hiking boots
Personality: Irritable, impatient, quick to jump into action, smart, outgoing, brave, free spirited
Talents: Singer, dancer, basketball player

SeleneDragonStars's Character!
Name: Sylvia Archer
Gender: Female
Power: Teleportation
Physical Features: Short, black hair that has a habit of falling in her huge, emerald green eyes. Very thin and pale. Also pretty tall.
Style: Jeans, gladiator sandals, and a blue tank-top.
Personality: Brave, smart, dangerously quiet, pretty protective of friends.
Talent/s: Pretty good musician and athlete. She also has a good handle on any sort of weapon handed to her.

Directioner826's Character!
Name: Carter Rosewood
Gender: Female
Power: Flying
Physical Features: Almost waist length, wavy, strawberry blonde hair. Bright blue-grey eyes. About 5'6, and 120 pounds.
Age: 14
Style: Unique and Bohemian. Dark colors, exactly like Aria from Pretty Little Liars.
Personality: Intelligent, Cunning, Diplomatic. She always finds a way to get what she wants, but she hates hurting people. She's great at negotiating and arguing. She is artistic and lives for the moment.
Talents: She is really smart. She is great at negotiating to get what she wants. She is great with people and everyone seems to love her.

Thank you! And now.. My Character!

Name: Bay Lockwood
Gender: Male
Power: Ice Powers
Physical Features: Pale, black hair, light brown eyes, small nose, light freckles, pale lips, thickish-but-good-looking eyebrows, side smile. Handsome but doesn't know it.
Style: Don't know how to describe it.. a normal outfit would consist of: grey/blue/black jeans, plain t-shirt, flannel shirt, converse
Personality: laid-back, deathly loyal, analyzing. likes trickery rather than brute force, sly, mischievous. sense of humor. not as good with people as he lets on, very defensive, sometimes doesn't care as much as he should. when he does care he is very emotional, slow to forgive, vengeful. Charming, modest.
Talents: drawing, acting. charming. Well practiced in crossbows. Great at planning.

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