Group Story Sign-Ups! (CHOSEN)

So, I did a survey to see if I had enough people to do a group story! Well, here it is. I was hoping to have more people, but I hope that more will be attracted to the actual sign up.

Chapter 1


Story: All the characters are friends. They find a boy, age 13 or 14, in the forest. He appears to be homeless and they take him in. They get attacked by strange people, and they flee. The boy admits he is an alien trying to get back home. They, a band of young teenagers, must help an alien boy, battle a rival alien race, leave their family, and survive alone. It is basically their journey to get the boy home, in which they find powers in themselves. (Powers listed below)More information given to those chosen, I don't want to spoil anything. It may sound cliche, but I hope it will have creative twists from such great authors.

Note: Based in many manners off of the Lorien Legacy series, AKA I am Number Four series. You do not have to know the series

So, I need 4-6 people to do this group story with me. The characters can be any gender, within the age range of 13-15. Diversity will be nice. If I have to pick and choose, then that may help you. But no anti-social people because that won't fit with the friend dynamic. Your character may have one of the following powers hidden within. All of them have telekinesis, and can interact through mind speaking only to others with the power.

Weather control
Fire-proof (this allows you to fling fire or lava. Actually really cool)
Shape shifting into a specific set of 15 animals
Ice powers

Fill out this application or template or whatever:

Physical Features:
Talent/s (Not power):

Okay! I am so excited!

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