If you have any news that you would like me to add some news that has happened in the outside world, that you heard on the radio, T.V, or you even saw yourself, please let me know.
PLEASE TELL ME ALL OF THIS INFORMATION IF YOU KNOW IT: (Please only give me the information that you know, don't make up information.) I

The event that happened
Background info of the event
The date that it happened, or when you heard of this event
The time that it happened
Who was involve
any additional info

Chapter 1

The kid who got ran over

On March 10, 2014, a Junior High School student got ran over by a car, and unfortunately did not survive. It involved a car and a student, but I don't know when it took place. I don't know the time either. (I will update you on any other things I here about the this student.

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