The Diary of 1864 (start after Chapter 2 for those who read it)


Chapter 1

12 year old girl

Some people might not have opened it...but my curiosity took over. I mean, I'm twelve and my curiosity is at it's maximum. Sure, I live with my Aunt and Uncle. I've seen, watched and read the same old things over and over. But when I found this diary...I just had to know. It was old, and fragile. Some creep old guy have it to me. Said to keep it.

After school, I went straight home and read it. Dust literally flew off the pages. I coughed and swiped the air. The pages looked ancient. Like...if you just touched it, it would disintegrate. The first page read:

January 5th, 1864
Dear Diary,
Today is the fifth day of 1864. The war between the Canadians and Americans is still going on. I wonder when it will end. Almost every child has gone to war. But I hid, so I wouldn't have to. Papa hasn't come back yet. He promised to come back. He promised to bring Mama back. When will he be back? Where is he?

I close the diary.
"Wow...poor child." I whispered. How old was this kid? I'll find out another time.

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