Of You, Both Future and Past

I suppose this is sort of like an online diary...but really it's just going to be me writing letters to my past and future selves. So, yeah. Read if you'd like :)

And if you decide to read, to forget to comment and vote! It really gives me a boost and lets me know what's working and what is not working.

As always, enjoy! Happy reading, my dear Lovelies

Chapter 1

Dear Baby Claire

Just a hint: you're always going to be the baby of the family, and sometimes it might get frustrating. But I still warn you to grasp your baby days firmly by your little toddler hands and run with them, because once they're gone nothing is ever the same again.

Looking back now, your life has been pretty good. From what I can remember, the biggest problems you have to face range from spilling applesauce on your shorts to bickering with your siblings. Another hint: Even at fifteen, you will still spill your applesauce on your shorts, and you will still bicker with your siblings. Some things never change. (Excluding your love for applesauce. It gets gross soon enough.)

I think that for the most part, this sunny childhood will shape who you become. You will continue to live in your fantasy world where everything is sunshine and rainbows, and where every girl is mostly faceless and named Tiffany, and all those Tiffanys are tall and gorgeous, with long, pin-straight brown hair pushed back from their faces perfectly with a headband.

Oh, by the way, you will meet a Tiffany, and she will be nothing like your old imaginary friends. But she will be a good friend, and you will find that she may even be better than all your fantasy Tiffanys of the past.

Try to remember everything about play group, and Leah's second birthday party, because later those memories will help you smile fondly instead of crying sadly. Unfortunately, crying sadly is a thing you will do. Kind of a lot.

Don't worry about that though, because for now all you have to focus on is being a good small child. Don't be too upset when you get in trouble though, and know that when Daddy says, "It's Mean Dad tonight!" it will not be as bad as it seems. Hardly mean at all, actually, and you'll see when you're older that Mean Dad at five is nothing compared to Mean Dad at fifteen.

But love your daddy always anyway, because he will be a constant rock in your life, and you will go nowhere without him. Love your mommy also, because she will teach you the things you need to learn, no matter how hard it feels to go through that.

Don't give up dance. You will only regret it later and discover that there will always be plenty of time to play in the snow, even with dance. Because you will live in Illinois for a long time. And everyone knows it snows in Illinois. A lot.
Don't hate piano, and don't yell at your siblings when they try to teach you. I swear to you, piano will become one of your most favorite things in the world.
But above all, don't forget to be a little kid. As you grow up, you may find yourself wishing you had more time to be little. So don't grow up too fast. Just because you're the baby of the family, you will feel like everyone else can do so many fun things and you always can't. You'll get there soon enough, and, I'm serious when I say this, you'll miss the days of sweet oblivion.

You're a great little girl, Claire, even if sometimes (okay, a lot of times) you end up being a brat.

Future You

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