Chapter 1


A dark room. A dark, quiet room. The room she was in...was like no other. Her tattered clothes were covered in blood, her skin was cut and bruised. As he watched her from the one-way window, he saw that her eyes were filled with fear.
"Again." he said.
"But sir-" the operator began.
"I said again."
"Y-yes sir." the operator said, then pushed a button. In the room, they could hear the girl's intake of breath. She quickly backed away into a corner, fearing for the worst. The room began to lighten, what once was a dark room now became light. The girl pressed herself against the corner more, trying to avoid the light. But it was no use, the light touched every edge, every corner, of the room. Now you could clearly see the girl's face, her auburn hair, her deep chocolate brown eyes. Her eyes ran over every single inch of the room. Up above, were birds. From far away they looked like everyday normal birds. But up close...up close they had razor sharp beaks, and wings the size of an adult human body. They came flying at the girl, hoping for food. But they found none. The girl ducked and covered her head. The unnatural birds pecked and scratched at her skin, causing her to bleed even more. The girl screamed in pure pain, attempting to break free...but the birds quickly silenced her. They swarmed around every inch of her body, like bees do a hive. The screams went silent. Just like that. The birds left the dead lifeless body there. The once living human girl was now dead. Bloody, scratched up and dead. Her right eye was gone, torn from its socket, her legs in strips, her torso shredded. Her arms torn off, and her face..disfigured. The man sighed.
"Weak, weak, weak!!" He yelled. "All my experiments are weak!"
"Sir..don't you think the birds were a little too much?"
"Cordelia." the man said, completely ignoring the operators comment."Go find me another human girl. One that's healthy and fit."
"Yes Father." came a little girls reply.
"Send in the cleaning crew." The man said and left.


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