Teen Heart

My mother used to tell me 'Shame on those who shame on you'. But.... It never helped me feel better.... It's like, what am I going to do about people who "shame" on me, right??? But... Then, again....

Chapter 3

Love in Weird Places

Tyler stares, confused and uneasy. "I shouldn't have asked about Heather," he murmured, "I'm sorry about that, Ans," I looked away with a bland look, shrugging. "It's fine," I answered quietly, feeling the cold breeze finally blow by us. I shivered, and Tyler seemed to have noticed my shivering. "Oh," he stumbled, "You're cold. Lets get you out of the cold and to my house." I nodded and started walking over to his side. But as I got there, he pulled me onto his back, saying "No, I'm giving you a piggy-back ride. Remember how we used to always do this when you got cold? You used to say that my back was like a heater." I smiled, remembering our fun times as 14 year-olds. "Yeah, Those were great times," I admitted, "But then we grew up." I layed my head on his neck, tired. I felt him burn up.


I heard a light "Hey" come from above me. I guess I fell asleep on Tyler's back on the way to his house, because when I woke up, I was inside a building. On a couch. With him on top of me. My eyes widened and I froze under him, and he froze too. "umm..." we both said at the same time. We were both blushing until he finally climbed off, running his hands through his hair. "Ok, you're awake" he said, plainly, looking away from me. I nodded, looking a different way. We sat there for a few moments until someone walked in through the front door. "Tyler, you left your..." a girl began, then stopped as she saw me, "Oh. You." That girl. I know her, too. And we're definitely not on good terms with each other. That girl walked up to Tyler, clearly ticked off. "Look, Sheri," Tyler began, but the girl stopped him with a strong "Don't even."

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