Repost about me thingy

Chapter 1


Height: 5'6

Shoe size: 7

Sxual orientation: I'm a Bisxual, who leans more towards women.

Do you smoke? No, and I don't plan to.

Do you drink? I like sake and wine, but I don't drink them extensively. Just on special occasions.

Do you take drugs? I did once, but only Marijuana. I found out quickly that I don't like getting high.

Age you get mistaken for: 19

Real age: 17

Have tattoos? Not yet, but I will get a wolf on my right shoulder blade when I'm older and maybe a celtic symbol.

Got any piercing? Yep. Lots in my ears and one in my nose.

Want any piercing? Maybe a belly button piercing when I'm twenty

Relationship status: [X] single. [ ] taken. I Just broke up with my girlfriend...

Favorite movie: Donnie Darko, The Wind Rises and any Tim Bourton film.

A fact about your personality: I express myself fully and never let what others think get in my way.

What I hate about myself: I don't really hate anything. I don't like my ADHD sometimes, but I don't hate it.

What I love about myself: I love all of me! (even my ADHD) But I especially like my hair. It looks naturally like someone curled it.

What I want to be when I'm older: A wife, a mother, a writer and Naturopathic doctor.

My relationship with my parents: My parents and I are like best friends. They may have rules and boundaries, but we're open with each other, and we tease each other. A LOT!

What I hate the most about school: All the drama. Ugh!

What my last text message says: ANIMA+ IS AMAZING! (I'm reading a new manga right now.

What words upset me the most: When people say "It's not halloween!" or "What is she wearing?" Also I hate it when people ask me "Are you anorexic?"

What words make me feel the best about myself: When people tell me that I'm brave, intelligent, wise and beautiful. I like being complimented, but who doesn't

A wish that I've wished for repeatedly: A good partner to be with. Someone sweet and kind who actually cares about me.

Where I would like to live: New Zealand or The Netherlands.

My childhood career choice: Someone who writes or acts in movies and musicals. Also I wanted to be a musician.

My favorite ice cream: I like Mango Sorbet and Death by Chocolate

Who I wish I could be: Me, but I wish people could see me as I see myself.

Where I want to be right now: At a Brony Con.

The last thing I ate: The cadbury egg I'm eating right now. Nom nom nom.

Favorite band: The Smiths, Death Cab for Cutie, The Decemberists, The Cure, Bring Me the Horizon, Echosmith, Iron and Wine, Vampire Weekend, Erutan and a LOT more

Three favorite male artists: Colin Meloy, Morrissey and Ben Gibbard,

Three favorite female artists: Orla Gartland, Kate Bush and Ingrid Michelson

Favorite color: Forest Green, Black and Midnight Blue.

Favorite animal: Wolves and cats (Any kind of cat)

Favorite hair color: I like red or black

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