Am I the only one?

Seriously though, am I?

Chapter 1

Lucifer and Lilith

So if you have talked to me at all since I came to Quibblo you have probably picked up on the fact that I am not religious. My mother and father are both strong Christians and when I was young I thought that automatically meant that I had to be religious too. But hey! I figured it out and now I no longer connect myself to any type of religion.
This means anything tied to the bible doesn't have any meaning to me.
Now I'm not trying to insult anyone who is religious and does believe in the bible, honestly I respect your ability to believe something so fully.

With all that being said, am I the only one who thinks the names Lucifer and Lilith are kind of awesome?

So I haven't read the bible or anything but everyone knows these names and it seems everyone, religious or not, connects them to being satanic or evil or whatever.

But I honestly love these names. I think Lilith is such a pretty name and to be honest if I were planning on having kids and if people wouldn't try to burn me at the stake or something, I would definitely name my daughter Lilith.

The same basic thing goes for the name Lucifer, who is suppose to be like the devil? I don't like Lucifer as much as I like the name Lilith but I still think it's an awesome name.

I know I will probably get a lot of crap for this but seriously am I the only one? I've brought it up to people before and I always get weird looks...

I mean they're just names! Why does everyone think I'm some sort of freak for liking these names?

I can't be the only one, can I?

Sigh. . . I guess we'll see. . . Let the religious bashing and hateful comments commence. . .


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