Survival Tips and Tricks - What every girl ( and guy ) should know

Chapter 1

How to escape Zip Ties ( Yea, thats right, but you never know if your captor is right around the corner ) Please read all of it

Many, or some, of you know that zip ties are one of the toughest restrains on this planet. Not only will they keep your hands locked in one place for practically eternity, until someone cuts them off, but they are also very painful when one fails trying to escape them. Here are some way to escape zip ties and how they work

Zip ties work is that there's a locking bar within the zip tie that clicks in and out on the bars on the cord.

If the zip tie is actually IN FRONT of you, the easiest way is if you have fairly long fingernails then you can just insert your fingernail into the space within the locking bar, then simply slip the cord right out and bam! Your free.

Of course if you are tied with zip ties, hands bound, that is a completely different operation.

If your hands are bound in front of you with the zip tie, stay as calm as possible while doing this.
-First you want the locking bar ( where the plastic cord goes through ) in the middle of your hands.

-Second, against popular belief, you want the zip ties as tight as possible because the tighter they are the easier overcoming the locking bar will be.

-Third, in one fluid motion you want to lift your hands up ( elbows sticking out ) and you almost want to make it as if touching your shoulder blades as you come down hard onto your stomach.

Full video here - and other ways to escape zip ties


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